Sunday, July 30, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: 'Collusion' Collapses: Dem Congressional Espionage Ring Takes Center Ring

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'Collusion' Collapses: Democrat IT Espionage Ring Takes Center Ring: Clarice Feldman
The Executive Orders That End Obamacare - Once and For All: Wayne Allyn Root
Why Was Wife of DWS’s Swindler Staffer Allowed to Leave the Country?: NRO

Wasserman Schultz ‘Negotiating’ With Police Over Access To Evidence: DC
Fox: Awans Aided Wasserman-Schultz With Voice Altered Phone Calls: ZH
Wasserman Schultz Planned To Pay Suspect Even While He Lived In Pakistan?: DC

How lucky! Wasserman Schultz’s brother will handle Awan case: Unyielding
Complete list of 30 Democrats who used Awan brothers: GWP
Muslim Imam in California: I Apologize for Calling for The Annihilation of all Jews: RWN

Trump To McConnell: Eight Senate Dems Are Making You “Look Like Fools”: Ed Morrissey
Murkowski, McCain Lied to Voters and Saved ObamaCare: IBD
Trump Threatens Congressional Health Insurance Benefits: Roll Call

The Southern Poverty Law Center: A Demagogic Bully: Mark Pulliam
Third suspect wanted in the robberies, kidnappings targeting white people: WIS-TV
Residents In Crime Plagued Cities Turn To Police-Strength Pepper Spray For Self-Defense: Breaking911


Total Government And Personal Debt In The U.S. Has Hit 41 Trillion Dollars: Michael Snyder
EU explores account freezes to prevent runs at failing banks: Reuters
Obamacare is bankrupt: who is going to bail it out now?: Winter Solider

Scandal Central

How George Soros is helping Obama Democrats buy their way back to power: Gov. Greg Abbott
NSA ‘Intercepts’ Are Undermining First Amendment Rights: Jeff Dunetz
Seth Rich Attended Party with Numerous DC IT Workers the Night He Was Murdered: GWP

Samantha Power Almost Confirmed As Being Behind All The Unmasking Last Year?: Jazz Shaw
Gowdy Backs 2nd Special Counsel to Probe Hillary, Obama, Comey, Rice, Lynch: Sara Noble
Illegal alien criminal deported 20 times, found home in sanctuary city, arrested for brutal rape of elderly woman: BPR

Climate, Energy & Regulations

NY Times: The Next Mass Extinction Is Coming From Carbon Pollution Or Something: RWN


THIS IS CNN: MS-13 gang members attack Trump immigration policy: Mirror
If Kelly and Trump can become a real team, it will be a game changer: Newt Gingrich
CNN Learns They Have Lost The Meme War (Along With Their Raison d’être): WRSA


Vandenberg AFB to test launch ICBM early Wednesday: KSBY
Tensions flare up between Iranian Revolutionary Guards and US Navy: JPost
No, Islamofascists can't be gently talked out of it: AT

U.S. Warns the World about 19,000 ISIS Fighters on the Loose: Patrick Poole
All eyes on Venezuela as Maduro attempts to install a Cuba-style dictatorship: Babalu
Germany: Muslim “known to police” murders two, cops say “no indications” of terrorism: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Amazon under federal investigation over Iran-linked sales, including to person on terrorism list: Ethan Baron
Security Expert Hacks ATM By Drilling A Hole: TechWorm
The Plot Thickens in the Gnarly Story of IQ and Genetics: Medium


Every TED Talk Ever: BattleSwarm
Pro-Trump Former Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders is Dumped by Democrat Husband: RWN
It’s the Weekend; Please Sunday Responsibly: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Trump the Democrat Party is being exposed as the effete club of egalitarian minders they really are. "Rules for thee and not for me" as they enrich themselves while posing for still shots. It is indeed a toilet and not a swamp.
Flush twice, Portland needs the water.