Wednesday, July 12, 2017

BOOM: "Trump Jr. Entrapped by Obama White House to Obtain FISA Warrant and Spy on Campaign"

It's now clear that Barack Obama and his administration orchestrated meetings between certain Trump associates and Russian officials in order to justify FISA wiretaps.

It's just that simple. They abused the FISA system to extract intelligence that they could then leak.

All of that happened and they still lost.

Reddit user Brexitgod offers the following infographic to describe the timeline:

As one Reddit user put it:

The DNC hired a company called Fusion which is a commercial research and strategic research firm. Natalia Veselnitskaya (now known as the “Russian Lawyer”) is a Fusion employee and contacted Trump Jr. with promises of damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

The DNC used the now publicly released emails to get the FISA warrant to unmask and spy on the Trump campaign.

That is the only way The New York Times reporter could have access to these private emails and work on his report for almost a year (from his rant on twitter).

Oh, and Russian "agent" Natalia Veselnitskaya was pictured meeting with Obama Officals in DC on June 14th, 2016.

My prediction: when this entire "Russia collusion" scandal unwinds, and it won't be long, it will indict Barack Obama, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, and/or Ben Rhodes -- and not anyone associated with Donald Trump.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.

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Dr. Miles Tadman said...

"All of that happened and they still lost."

Perhaps this leads to why they lost.