Sunday, July 30, 2017

[AT LEAST] 12 Questions for Democrats Behind the Awan Scandal

The American Thinker's invaluable Clarice Feldman has a list of questions for those involved with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Imran Awan, the Democrat side of the House Intelligence Committee, and everyone else you can imagine:
1. Who coordinated the hiring of the Awan brothers by dozens of Democratic Congressman?

2. Why were they so grossly overcompensated (millions of dollars) for no work?

3. Were they kicking back money to the Democrats, doing “dirty” work for them, or blackmailing them?

4. Why did Wasserman-Schultz keep the Capitol Police from searching her laptop they had confiscated from Imran Awan?

5. Why did Wasserman-Schultz keep him on her payroll after the Capitol Police further barred him and his brothers from accessing Congressional computers?

6. Why did the Iraqi fugitive and Hezb'allah supporter Dr. Ali-al Attar “lend” them $100,000?

7. Who is paying Chris Gowan, a Clinton insider, to represent Imran Awan?

8. Why did the Awan brothers continue to have security clearances when they had declared several bankruptcies and were engaged in financial misdealing?

9. Why were the Awans broke when they were making so much money and living so modestly?

10. Why did eight members of the House Permanent Select committee on Intelligence issue a letter demanding the Awans be granted access to Top Secret information?

11.Were the Awans working for Pakistani intelligence and the Moslem Brotherhood?

12. To whom were the Awans sending data to on an offsite server?
Swamp creatures: The Real Collusion Scandal.


Anonymous said...

Smells like blackmail.

Anonymous said...


matthew w said...

Kind of rhetorical, but I think the first question should be: "Why don't the Democrat voters care?"

Democrats are always Democrats first and the advancement of the agenda is the only goal, but why don't the masses care?
If that had happened to my party or the people I support, I'd be steaming mad.

Anonymous said...

Obama himself placed stealth agents and MB into various security/classified government positions.
It is safe to say that what we have here is an enormous spy scandal via the Awan brothers, their families and others.
Trey Gowdy sounded the alarm years ago!