Sunday, July 23, 2017

JUSTINE DAMOND: A Casualty of Islamophobia

By Robert Spencer

A forty-year-old Australian woman named Justine Damond called 911 in Minneapolis Saturday night to report what she thought might be a rape; when police arrived, she approached the police car, and a Minneapolis police officer named Mohamed Noor shot her dead. Since then, Noor has refused to be interviewed by investigators, but has spoken to friends about what happened and why. The more Noor and those who know him have spoken, the more it becomes clear: Justine Damond was a casualty of “Islamophobia.”

Mohamed Noor is a Somali Muslim. He was the first Somali Muslim on the Minneapolis police force. In 2016, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges expressed her excitement about that fact: “I want to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department. Officer Noor has been assigned to the 5th Precinct, where his arrival has been highly celebrated, particularly by the Somali community in and around Karmel Mall.”

Hodges wasn’t excited because Mohamed Noor had the skills necessary to become a fine police officer. She was only excited because he represented a religious and ethnic that she was anxious to court. And it is increasingly clear, as we learn about Mohamed Noor’s nervousness and jumpiness and lack of respect for women, and from his own account of events that he relayed to friends (that he was “startled” and reacted by opening fire), that Mohamed Noor was not cut out to be a policeman. He did not have the temperament for it, and if he hadn’t killed Justine Damond, he would likely have done something similar at some point.

So why was he on the force at all? Because he was the first Somali Muslim on the Minneapolis police force. He was a symbol of our glorious multicultural mosaic. He was a rebuke to “Islamophobes” and proof that what they say is false. Minneapolis authorities placed a great deal of faith in Mohamed Noor. He was for them the triumph of diversity, the victory of their worldview. But he has let them down. 

Mohamed Noor is not a jihad terrorist. This was not a jihad attack. He is just a trigger-happy, panicky, reckless individual who held his job not because he was fit for it, but because of what he symbolized. And in the wake of his failure, Minneapolis multiculturalists aren’t about to reconsider their religion. On the contrary, they are doubling down. Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has immediately recognized — as authorities do everywhere after jihad attacks — that the real victims are not those who were killed or wounded, but the Muslim community. She should have issued a statement saying that she recognized that Mohamed Noor was not hired because he was competent, but because he was a Somali Muslim, and that she sees now that Leftist social engineering on the police force costs lives. She should have promised that from now on, police officers will be hired based on their fitness for the job, not their religion or ethnicity.

Instead, this, from Hodges’ Facebook page:

To the Somali community: I want you to know that you are a valued and appreciated part of Minneapolis. I stand with you and support you. The strength and beauty of the Somali and East African communities are a vital part of what makes Minneapolis so strong and beautiful. I am grateful to be your neighbor.

This week a Somali police officer, Officer Mohamed Noor, shot and killed a woman under circumstances we don’t yet comprehend. Justine Damond’s death was tragic and awful for everyone. And I want to be very clear that Officer Noor, a fully trained officer in the Minneapolis Police Department, won’t be treated differently than any other officer.

Justine’s death is a tragedy for our city. We cannot compound that tragedy by turning to racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. It is unjust and ridiculous to assert that an entire community be held responsible for the actions of one person. That will not be tolerated in Minneapolis. If you are experiencing discrimination, you can file a complaint at…/discrimination-complaint

Mayor Hodges is reassuring Muslims and warning against “Islamophobia,” as if a non-Muslim police officer had shot an unarmed Muslim woman. But that’s not what happened. And in issuing this warning, Hodges is only reinforcing the false premises that led to the killing of Justine Damond in the first place: the idea that Muslims are a victimized, persecuted community that needs special consideration, such that an incompetent Muslim police officer had to be hired. This just ensures that in the future, there will be more Justine Damonds.



Anonymous said...

Minneapolis deserves the Somalias. They elected this government. They wanted these people. Now they have them. Let them live and endure them. Just don't move to my state.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this City running with Sharia Courts? Then send him there and get an eye for an eye.

The Exile said...

I work in Minneapolis. Yes, it's a third-world shithole with an extreme Leftist agenda. I can't get out of there fast enough when the work day is over.

gadfly said...

The U.K. Daily Mail reports that Noor had no background in police work and just seven months of training, so he was hardly "fully-trained." Worse he had a language problem which likely left him not comprehending the emergency to which he and his American partner were responding.

Jesse in DC said...

Just like in Manchester. There. Will. Be. No. Hate. Wanna bet? Only here in the FUSA we can work up a decent hate for the Commies in "Government" that foist this third world crap on us to secure an agenda that clearly does not include Americans..

Holding My Nose said...

Noor was not the first Somali or Muslim on the MPD. He was, I believe, the ninth. There was already a Somali Officers Association within the MPD. If Spencer can't get this basic fact right why should we give any credence to the rest of his opinions in this article?

Anonymous said...

I was born in Minneapolis and grew up in one of its suburbs. Our family had a lake cabin up in the Arrowhead where I spent a good portion of my childhood summers. It was a wonderful, sometimes magical, place to grow up in. My first job out of college took me away from there but I had always hoped I would go back some day.

I stopped hoping that about twenty years ago when it became glaringly obvious (at least to me) what Lutheran social services and the Minnesota government had wrought when they started imported thousands of "poor Somalis" back in the '80's. My friends and family, like the frogs in the pot of water warming on the fire, were blissfully ignorant of the situation. When I tried warning them about it they...well...reacted like the good liberal Minnesota Democrats they were, ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo.

Over the last decade they've all, with the exception of two, left Minnesota. Some will finally admit I was right. Some insist they left for some other reason but we all know they left because of the Somalis. In one case they magically decided to sell out and leave about six months after his wife was harassed and beaten by a group of Somali thugs at a bus stop in downtown Minneapolis. When they filed a criminal complaint the cops tried to suggest that she may have provoked the attack by not being "sensitive" enough to Muslim culture in her behavior and dress. (She was a fiftyish woman in office attire, not some twentysomething in a micro miniskirt going to her job as a pole dancer.) The Minneapolis police department basically buried the case.

The two who are still there are the full blown flaming moonbats. One is a tenured professor and department head at the U of M. The other started work at 3M straight out of college with a hubby who started work at 3M straight out of college, too. They have TONS of money! A very nice home on one of the city lakes (not saying which one), a sumptuous lake 'cabin' in the Arrowhead, etc. They aren't going anywhere though, of course, they live in a very well insulated social 'cocoon' of money and status.

directorblue said...

@Holding My Nose:

CNN article: "Cop who shot Minneapolis woman was precinct's first Somali officer"
By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN

Aggie said...

If CNN can't get these basic facts right why should we give any credence to the rest of their opinions in this article or any other?

Anonymous said...

outside reading:

Anonymous said...

I moved to Minneapolis after growing up in Texas and loved my years there. What those good hearted Minnesotans who grew up in a homogenous, peaceful environment of shared values didn't realize, was that people from a violent, conflict ridden environment do not solve problems in a peaceful manner even in a peaceful environment. They survived Somalia but don't know how to live in Minneapolis. Expecting them to be Minnesota Nice is unrealistic and unfair. Unfortunately those highly educated Minnesotans are refusing to learn from their mistakes and move toward reasonable expectations and solutions to living in a very diverse community now.