Sunday, July 09, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Washington Post Offers Up Textbook Case Of Lies and Biased Journalism

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Washington Post Offers Up Textbook Case Of Lies and Biased Journalism: Jay Caruso
Democracy Dies Due To Journalists' Lies: Erick Erickson
Illegal Immigrants Have Stolen More Than 1 Million Identities: ALR

Far Left Activists Applaud Speech Comprised Entirely of Hitler Quotes: GWP
Imposter Mayor: Seth Barron
Seriously Injured Cop Sues Black Lives Matter...Does He Have A Case?: Fed Up

Ivanka briefly subs for POTUS at G20, media handles as well as you’d expect: RWN
Just One More Illegal Immigrant Road Sign Left on Interstate 5: AmPower
Mad Maxine Waters Leads ‘Impeach 45’ Chant, Says On Verge Of Revolution: RWN

Maine: 8 women treated for complications related to FGM: Creeping
Linda Sarsour: Muslim immigrants must not “assimilate”: Ann Corcoran
The FSB Goes After an American Company: TAI


Albany Wins, Kids Lose: Bob McManus
President Trump Weekly Address: “Made In America”…: Treehouse
Some wisdom from Milton Friedman: Daley Gator

Scandal Central

List of 75 Corrupt and/or Potentially Criminal Actions Identified in John Podesta’s Emails: GWP
Hundreds of VA officials fired since Trump's inauguration: CBS News
New Senate Discovery Blows Holes in Loretta Lynch’s Story On the Hillary Probe: YoungCon


Mark Levin slams CNN, Brian Stelter: 'You're A Propagandist': Aaron Bandler
CNN Falsely Claims Merkel Chose G20 Location To Hurt Trump: Mollie Hemingway
CNN Gone Wild Week at Legal Insurrection: Mike LaChance

Google removed over 15,000 one-star reviews of CNN app: Pacific Pundit
The New York Times Anti-Trump Campaign Bites Them in the Ass: American Liberty Report
CNN's 'propagandist,' Brian Stelter, is true to form: Chris Pandolfo

Is this the best Trump/CNN meme ever or what?: Pacific Pundit
Scottie Nell Hughes Is Accuser Behind Charles Payne Sexual Harassment Controversy: Sam Dorman
If You Accuse Fox Host Of Sexual Harassment, Be Certain To Delete Seductive Emails: Clash


Donald Trump Struck a Righteous Blow against Universalism: David French
Trump to China President Xi: N Korea nuclear threat will end 'one way or another': Joseph Weber
North Korean missile may be able to carry SEVERAL nukes: DailyMail

Trump Officials Signal Intent to Begin Refilling Guantanamo: Lookout
Putin hails first meeting with Trump as a success: DailyMail
Acid Attacks Now Happening in London Every Week: Kacie Burnet

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Did China Just Create the "Holy Grail" Of Submarine Technologies?: NatInt
Straight men's stress response to seeing men kissing: Psypost
These Hyper-Realistic Sex Robots Are Flooding the Market: RWN


Archives of Independence: Anthony Paletta
Pyjama Garçon Français at G20: MOTUS
Hillary’s unused ‘victory’ confetti now inside therapy snow globes for her glum fans: Doug Powers

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