Monday, July 31, 2017

POLL CONFIRMS: Democrat Party Now Less Popular Than Lice, Staph Infections and Malaria

A new Democrat survey of working-class white voters in key 2018 districts has Democrats panicking. While the media remains hyper-focused on Russia and “palace intrigue,” the voters that carried President Trump to victory in November largely approve of the job he and Congressional Republicans are doing.

Key findings of the “White Working Class Voter Project”:

• By a staggering 35-point margin, Republicans are believed to be more likely to “help improve the economy and create jobs” than Democrats
• Democrats trail on the initial Congressional ballot by 10 points (43% - 33%)
• Republicans are doing better with those under the age of 60 (45 % - 32%) than those over the age of 60 (42% - 34%)
• A majority approve of the job President Trump is doing (52% - 44%)

• Trump’s approval is higher among those under the age of 60 (56% - 40%) than it is with those over the age of 60 (49% - 47%)
• Trump’s approval is higher in districts surveyed that Hillary Clinton carried (53% - 43%) than ones he carried himself (52% - 45%)
• A majority also say the Trump Presidency is either going as well as they expected or going better than they expected
• When asked: “Thinking about Democrats in Congress, what is your greatest concern?” the top 2 answers were “hyperpartisanship/not working with Republicans” and “obstructionist/opposition to Trump”

• 66% of GOP voters approve of the job House Republicans are doing, up from 44% last year
• These voters’ share of the electorate was stable from 2012 to 2016, but Democrats margin among them got 12 points worse

The top conclusions?

"We suffer from the lack of an identifiable positive agenda. Without it, voters will turn to Trump for progress. With it, we can make significant gains.”

"Our economic deficit is devastating. Voters don’t see special interests as the problem we need to fix.”

Not to mention: the really fake news Russia scandal.

Editor's note: we wish to issue a correction to the headline. Democrats are now tied in popularity with staph infections.


Anonymous said...

How much lower can they go?

Infidel de Manahatta said...

As a former Democrat (and current Libertarian) living in deep blue Manhattan all I can say is it's sad how far the once proud Democratic party has sunk.

It's the revolution of the 1960s coming home to roost.