Monday, July 24, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: David Stockman Has Had Enough: "Brennan, Rice, Power - Lock Them All Up!"

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David Stockman Has Had Enough: "Brennan, Rice, Power - Lock Them All Up!": ZH
Do-Nothing Congress Reaches 200 Days: Obamacare, Massive Taxes Still In Place: GWP
The Trajectory of Collectivism: Christian Mercenary

Clinton Scandal Deepens Again: So Why Is Trump, Not Hillary, Being Investigated?: IBD
Fusion GPS Illuminates the Brave New World of Manufactured News for Hire: Lee Smith
Senator Kid Rock. Don’t Laugh.: Politico

Trump Is Right About Jeff Sessions: Lloyd Marcus
This *Is* Normal. American Politics Have Always Been Terrible.: Matt Lewis
Scaramucci to Take Dramatic Action To Stop Leaks… May Fire Everybody: RWN

Dems Settle On New Slogan: “A Better Deal” Or Something: RWN
The only legitimate fountain of power…: Soshable
Hillary: Foreign Leaders Contacted Me in 2016 to Help Stop Trump: FedUp


Maxine Waters attacks Trump … for creating jobs: Twitchy

Scandal Central

FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home: Luke Rosiak
ISIS Leader Gets Away Due to Leak from the Failing New York Times: RWN
Durbin Expands Russia Hysteria to Voter Fraud Commission: ‘Exactly What Putin Wants’: LifeZette

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Al Gore Can't Save the Global Warming Cult: Bruce Thornton
New Warmist Prognostication: A One In Three Chance Of Record Rainfall: RWN


How to Turn Your Son into a MAGA Hat-Wearing Alpha Male (When You Didn't Mean To): PJM
Contest winner disqualified over pro-Trump Instagram post: WaPo
Mike Cernovich Overshoots His Wildest Goals: Has Worldwide Impact: Kitten Holiday


Turkey Leaks Secret Locations of U.S. Troops in Syria: Roy Gutman
Jared Kushner said he 'did not collude' with Russia or have any other undisclosed contacts: Circa
US: Unusual N.Korean sub activity detected: NHK

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Free Data Science eBooks - July 2017: ChiSquared
US Army Researching Bot Swarms: Schneier
Citizen scientists find a failed star in the Sun's neighborhood: Jon Fingas


Girls Und Panzer: BattleSwarm
Sweden Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly All Citizens: Swati Khandelwal
I’ll Be On the Beach If You Need Me: MOTUS

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