Thursday, July 06, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Truth vs CNN

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The Truth vs CNN: Bill Whittle's Firewall
Ted Cruz: CNN May Have Broken The Law With Doxxing Threat: Federalist
CNN Declares War On The Internet: BattleSwarm

Tone Deaf CNN Takes Victory Lap: Treehouse
Poll: Majority of voters back Trump travel ban: Steven Shepard
CNN tracked down wrong meme creator in 1 day, still no Russia proof: Pacific Pundit

CNN Staff Reeling After Personal Info Leaked: Betsy Rothstein
Having Lost Election After Election, Democrats Give New Slogans A Whirl: RWN
California Dems Withdraw Insane Socialized Medicine Bill, Now Face Death Threats: RWN

Trump talked Russia, North Korea and CNN during a press conference in Poland: Circa
Massive Weapons Cache Found in Possession of NY Muslim Going to "Islamberg": WBNG
Iowa: Somali Muslim refugee from terror-linked CAIR joins City Council race: Creeping


Food stamp rolls plummet in states that restore work requirements: Fox
'Illinois Math' in One Tweet: Illinois Policy
Brilliant: bankrupt Illinois wants to give startup loans to public aid recipients: WGN Radio

Scandal Central

CNN employees gleefully defend horrendous #CNNBlackmail scandal: Chris Pandolfo
CNN Issues Statement On 'Blackmail' Scandal: Hannity
Travis County investigates possibility 17 people voted twice in 2016 election: Phil Prazan

Tom Fitton calls on DOJ to shut down Mueller investigation: Fox
Hacked computer server that handled DNC email remains out of reach of Russia investigators: Dan Boylan
Official Who Released Criminal Aliens into U.S. for Obama Now Directing ICE: Breitbart

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Inventor Of Fraudulent Temperature ‘Hockey Stick’ Is Humiliated In Canadian Court: Technocracy
Biggest quake in a dozen years rattles Montana: KPAX


CNN Producer Doubles Down on “Stupid as Sh*t” Comments About Voters: Project Veritas
Huffington Post pulls article calling for execution of Trump: Pacific Pundit
Trump Jr. Calls Out Chuck Todd for Failing to Ask Bernie Sanders About Fraud Investigation: RWN

We Find Out Who Is Right, and Who Is Dead*: Jon Cassidy
Are Trump and Putin Meeting to Plot the Final Destruction of the Democrat Party?: EIB
CNN Just Published A Fake Quote From Abraham Lincoln: Federalist


North Korean Missiles Reaching USA: Guess Who We Can Thank?: Matthew Vadum
Trump Admin Authorizes Strikes on Iranian-Backed Forces: Adam Kredo
$4billion - Saudi Arabia is the top sponsor of terrorism in U.K., report says: Vice

Trump Meets Putin: Ron Maxwell
The E.U. just forced Austria to rethink its anti-migrant plan: Tim Hume
Macron: 'I Will Govern Like a Roman God': Breitbart

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Harvard: Ejaculating 21 x a month reduces the risk of cancer: DailyMail
How "Nothing to Hide" Leads to "Nowhere to Hide" - Why Privacy Matters Now: Daily Bell
Russian exoskeleton suit turns soldiers into Stormtroopers: Tom Regan


Amelia Earhart May Have Survived Crash-Landing, Newly Discovered Photo Suggests: NBC News
A friendly note from CNN for me: Cube
Poland: “We Believe Donald Trump”: MOTUS

Image: POLAND Welcomes @POTUS
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