Saturday, July 08, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Why Can't The U.S. Defend Against A North Korea Nuke Attack? Ask Obama

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Why Can't The U.S. Defend Against A North Korea Nuke Attack? Ask Obama: IBD
Linda Sarsour’s jihad against Trump: here’s why she really is inciting violence: JihadWatch
Linda Sarsour alleges ‘right-wing Zionist’ media conspiracy: Jordan Schachtel

Gingrich: Trump 'Landmark' Warsaw Speech Best Since FDR : Breitbart
The Immigration Frontlines: Tony Mecia
Pediatrician: Transgender Ideology Infiltrated My Field, Caused Mass Child Abuse: Signal

Cruz Healthcare Bill Amendment Gets Traction: Dan Spencer
Bitter Clinton Supporters Try to Unseat Bernie Sanders in Senate Race: Observer
CNN's Zucker doesn't know his Dumpster's on fire.: Don Surber

Despite Jump In Border Crossings, Numbers Are Well Below 2016: RWN
Texas getting new ‘sanctuary cities’ law, and Mexican government isn’t happy: WaPo
There are no Rules When You’re Being Attacked: Brent Smith


Trump 'absolutely' still wants Mexico to pay for his wall: DailyMail
Automation: Burger Joint Robotics Are Coming Soon: Brenda Walker
US nonfarm payrolls total 222,000 in June vs 179,000 expected: CNBC

Scandal Central

DNC refuses to allow feds access to hacked email server: Rick Moran
De Blasio can't resist the siren call of leftist protests in Germany: Rick Moran
California Closer to Creating Sanctuary State: Courthouse News

Climate, Energy & Regulations

About that global warming settled science 'consensus'...: Jack Hellner
Submerged super volcano at favourite Brit holiday destination alarms scientists: Express


Andrzej Duda destroys fake news media over handshake lie: Pacific Pundit
CNN Andrew Kaczynski (KFILE) may have used phishing tactic to dox meme maker: Pacific Pundit
Hispanic student harassed for calling out liberal 'bigotry': Mitchell Gunter

CNN ‘propagandist’ Brian Stelter selectively quotes Mark Levin: CR
Caught red-handed? Web bug found in emails sent by embattled CNN reporter: Media Equalizer
Media Ignores Virginia Gov. McAuliffe’s Role in Green Car Scandal that Fleeced Taxpayers out of Millions: JW


Germany G20 lost control to the fascists/Communists: Vlad Tepes
Venezuela: Leopoldo Lopez released from jail, now under house arrest: Fausta
De Blasio races to Germany to protest G20 summit: Post

Blame Obama: Trump staying in German government-owned guest house: DailyMail
Russia nixes U.S.-drafted U.N. resolution against North Korea: Times
US, Russia announce Syria cease-fire after Trump-Putin talks: AP

North Korea nuclear threat: Only one diplomatic option left, John Bolton says: Fox
Iran Still on the Hunt for Nuclear Weapons Technology Across Germany: WS
US flies two bombers over the South China Sea: Daily Mail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google Maps Has Been Tracking Your Every Move, And This Website Proves It: Antinews
Meet Salto, the Tiny Robot With a Giant Leap: WIRED
Hackers target U.S. nuclear facilities, energy infrastructure: Hot Air


TDS: Washington Post Settles Question As To Whether Trump Can Pardon Himself: RWN
Word From CNN: Putin Wins!: MOTUS
More Millennials Are Having Strokes. Is It Stress?: PJM

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