Saturday, July 22, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Judicial Watch: Mueller Probe is a Political Effort to Jail Trump and His Family

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Judicial Watch: Mueller Probe is a Political Effort to Jail Trump and His Family: GWP
Scaramucci Hiring Represents Attitudinal Shift: The Outsiders Are In: EIB
Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 15 Attorneys: A Who’s Who of Liberal Activism: GWP

Mueller Expands His Probe Again: Matthew Vadum
ICE Chief: We're Coming For Sanctuary Cities. And We're Not Sorry.: Daily Wire
We Need To Have A Chat About Senate Leadership: Joe Cunningham

America's Media Meltdown: Victor Davis Hanson
Presidential Election Integrity Commission Meets – Left Goes Nuts: CHQ
Supreme Court Asked to Review Maryland’s Gun Ban: Bearing Arms

Antifa Leader Arrested for Inciting a Riot: LI
Linda Sarsour Proves She’s An Unhinged Murderer Apologist: Bradley Martin
Hard-Core Muslim Activists Running for Office in Key States: Fed Up

Collusion? What About Chinagate and Ted Kennedy’s Outreach to the USSR?: Larry Elder
Police Chief: Damond Shooting “Unnecessary … Justine Didn’t Have To Die”: Ed Morrissey
Baltimore promotes ‘nobody kill anybody’ weekend… next month: Doug Powers


Would You Like To Steal 128 Million Dollars?: Michael Snyder
ICE Plans Crackdown On Teen Gang Members, Which Is Apparently A Bad Thing Or Something: RWN
Refugees Will Cost Taxpayers $4.1B in FY 2017, Billions More After: Creeping

Scandal Central

How Trump Can Shut Down the Mueller Probe, the Largest Opposition Research Program Ever Conducted: EIB
Report: Susan Rice Met Privately With Senate Intelligence Committee on Russia Probe: Charles Fain Lehman
Loose Lips Sink Ships: Mueller Probe Team Starts Leaking Investigation Details to Press: Breitbart


CIA Director Pompeo slams NY Times for outing covert officer: Samuel Chamberlain
Pro-Trump Pundits Sour On Sessions: Peter Hasson
Game of Thrones Showrunners to Portray America as Slave State: EIB

The Fearless Speech Index: Who is afraid to speak, and why?: Sean Stevens
Mark Levin's top selling book diss-moted by New York Times: Paul Bedard
Jon Gabriel & Liz Wheeler on the Media’s Russia Obsession: Ricochet

Going After Wives And Pets: Things That Are Important In Anti-Trump World: RWN
'Women are being attacked every day': violence at small town festival reignites migration debate: DPA
Sun, Sand and Beaches Trump Politics: MOTUS


London's Acid Test of Diversity: Sultan Knish
German Court System On Verge Of ‘Collapse’ Due To Mass Migration: Jacob Bojesson
Shootout in Cancun: Narcos Take Their War Into Hot Beach Resorts: Bloomberg

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook working on way to charge for reading news articles: ABC
What Does It Really Take To Track A Million Cell Phones?: HFT Guys
Twitter Users Claim 1st Amendment Rights Violated: Nancy Thorner


400-Foot Diameter Metatron's Cube Reported July 18, 2017: EarthFiles
UFO that morphs into odd shapes appears across Cornwall: DailyMail
Ancient ‘Reptilian Alien’ Bodies Unearthed Near Nazca Lines --- UFO Researcher: Inquisitr

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QOTD: "If the media became unhinged in the adulatory Obama years through hubris, it might have earned back its respect and professionalism by covering Trump in even-handed fashion. But Nemesis does not work that way: those it destroys, it first makes mad." --Victor Davis Hanson

1 comment:

Joe Kidd said...

Re: VDH's America's Media Meltdown...

The way "mainstream" media is handling President Trump is quite different from how they (literally) covered (for) Obama. Consider the following as it relates to media coverage of our fight against Islamic State footholds in Iraq:

• President Trump didn't "abandon" Iraq and "create the vacuum" that allowed ISIS to gain its foothold there BUT OBAMA DID.

• President Trump didn't ignore the intelligence community's assessments on ISIS or have that intel "cooked" BUT OBAMA DID. &

• President Trump didn't say he "ended" the war in Iraq then make a video stating it was his "promise kept" BUT OBAMA DID!

The links posted above will be news to many, and that alone is part of our problem, though we can be certain if any of it happened during a Trump administration, if a President Trump had anything to do with it, media would be reminding us of it daily.

But that adored deified former president? Our in-the-tank "news" media will never tell you that Barack Obama is a liar with blood on his hands!