Saturday, July 29, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Pakistani IT Scammers

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Pakistani IT Scammers: Andrew C. McCarthy
DNC Scandal: all the Dirt Dems Wanted to Hide With Fake Trump-Russia Tale: Tyler O'Neil
Who Paid for the ‘Trump Dossier’?: Kimberley A. Strassel

Where The Scandals Really Are: Scott McKay
Congress must censure Wasserman Schultz: Jennifer Kerns
Wasserman Schultz Avoiding Reporters Since Awan Arrest: Kerry Picket

Mark Levin blows up the Russian scandal: LevinTV
Trump forces out Reince Priebus, names Gen. John Kelly chief of staff: Post
Murkowski Refuses To Explain Why She Lied About Obamacare Repeal: Kerry Picket

California Imam Mahmoud Harmoush Prays for Allah to Destroy the Jews: MEMRI
MEMRI Responds Following Exposure Of Imam Shahin's Antisemitic Sermon: MEMRI
Illegal Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Two Women Had Detainer Ignored: RWN


Same Old “New” Democrats: Steven Malanga

Scandal Central

Congress Seeks Wasserman Schultz Testimony in IT Scandal Investigation: Adam Kredo
Evidence Wasserman Schultz Used Pakistani Imran Awan For Dirty Tricks Against Bernie Sanders: RCP
Corruption Scandals Are Piling Up for Democrats: Michael Sainato

Republicans want separate special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton and James Comey: Exam
The judicial war on God and the Declaration of Independence: Daniel Horowitz
Firm behind anti-Trump dossier also worked for Russia, Senate witness says: Brooke Singman

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Coal Is Number One: Stephen Moore
A Sharknado Is More Likely Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something: RWN


Hill Reporter Lays Into Media on Wasserman Schultz Scandal Cover Up: Charles Dorfeuille
RNC Chairwoman Waging One-Woman War Against DWS for Her IT Scammer: Benny Johnson
"The mayor walks around every day with armed security paid for by the taxpayers of Chicago.": Breitbart

How Planned Parenthood Goes After the Kids Who Survive Abortion: Dave Blount
Establishment Reporter Attempts to Claim Credit for Cernovich’s Priebus Scoop: BLP
J.K. Rowling’s lie about Trump and a boy in a wheelchair has 58K+ RTs, and counting: Instapundit


Russia Hits Back Over sanctions, Orders U.S. Diplomats to Leave: WFB
In Sudan, enslavement of non-Muslims is openly practiced, even today: BNI
Gang of Muslims Charged with Terrorizing Liverpool Citizens: LifeZette

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Silicon Valley Censorship: Sam Westrop
Released Documents Show More Section 702 Violations By The NSA: Techdirt
Amazon Hosts Robotics Competition To Figure Out How To Replace 230,000 Warehouse Workers: ZH


College Offers Course on Being Transracial: Dave Blount
Lather, Reince, Repeat: MOTUS
Hillary makes it too easy: Sondrakistan

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QOTD: "What if, all this time, Washington and the media have had the Russia collusion story backward? What if it wasn’t the Trump campaign playing footsie with the Vladimir Putin regime, but Democrats? The more we learn about Fusion, the more this seems a possibility...

...Mr. Grassley’s call for testimony has uncovered more such stories. Thor Halvorssen, a prominent human-rights activist, has submitted sworn testimony outlining a Fusion attempt to undercut his investigation of Venezuelan corruption. Mr. Halvorssen claims Fusion “devised smear campaigns, prepared dossiers containing false information,” and “carefully placed slanderous news items” to malign him and his activity.

William Browder, a banker who has worked to expose Mr. Putin’s crimes, testified to the Grassley committee on Thursday that he was the target of a similar campaign, saying that Fusion “spread false information” about him and his efforts. Fusion has admitted it was hired by a law firm representing a Russian company called Prevezon...

...If Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Democrats and the media really want answers about Russian meddling, this is a far deeper well than the so-far scant case against Mr. Trump. If they refuse to dive into the story, we’ll know that the truth about Russia and the election was never what they were after." --Kimberley A. Strassel

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