Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Challenger Threatens to Eclipse Joe Biden for Dumbest Man in Government Award

Look up Government Hack in the dictionary and odds are you'll see a snapshot of this pathetic little drone. His name is Stephen Levy, a purported "senior economist at the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy."

When asked about the budget situation in California, which is now bankrupt and issuing IOUs, Levy says it's not the state's fault:

Uhm, California has done a lot of things we're not proud of around the budget. But in February, we closed a previous $25 billion budget deficit.

We cut spending by $12 or $13 billion and we raised taxes by another $12 billion. So for this year, we did our part. And then, the economy just fell apart.

In February and June, after we'd cut spending and raised taxes, our revenues... just plummeted.

The piece that we're dealing with now, I would claim, is not our fault. It's the recession's fault!

...Of that $150 billion or so [of federal Stimulus money], the [GAO] said so far, I think, $30 billion has been released. [I'd want to] release the other $120 billion or so very quickly!

...Use the TARP repayment money... the banks and AIG have paid back around $100 billion, get that right back out to the states so that people don't lose their benefits, class size doesn't go up dramatically and public employees aren't laid off...

...I would accelerate [stimulus money] and add [more money]... the federal government has the only pot of dollars to stem this crisis. ...[We] must put more money into state and local government.

As opposed to balancing your state's fricking budget? Reducing salaries for your hundreds of thousands of state employees? Cutting taxes on investments and small businesses? Drilling for oil and natural gas? Cutting benefits to illegal aliens? Ending the union monopolies that are strangling the economy?

Noooo, you couldn't do that! That would be fiscally responsible. And you claim to be an economist, Levy? You're not an economist. You're a Democrat hack. A drone. A loser. Now go back into the padded cell you call an office and come up with a plan that doesn't further bankrupt the federal government, you ridiculous little man.

* * * * * * * *

Watch the video at your own peril. The party hack reminds me of a lizard, constantly licking his lips as he eyes more of your hard-earned cash. Yes, drones, this is your Democrat Party in action, hard at work blaming others, ratcheting taxes ever higher and pushing citizens into indentured servitude.

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