Thursday, July 30, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: MSNBC forced to pen heartbreaking headline

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Dorothy D. Hoft --- August 1925-July 2009: GWP


'The Deal' Between Waxman and Blue Dogs: NRO
The Constipation of Power: PJM (Fernandez)
'Under Obamacare, your current insurance is doomed': Freddoso

An Indicted Terrorist's Facebook Account: Jawa
Terror Facebook Page -- With Photos!: Jawa
Islamic Charter School Countersues ACLU: Atlas

Elderly Lead Opposition to Obamacare: Morris
Paul Ryan slaps down Socialist spin: FreeLight
Obama Science Czar: Babies aren't human until 'socialized': STACLU

Civil Rights: Black Panther Voter Fraud Absolved: STACLU
Gay Marriage Slippery Slope is Back!: LegalIns
Are 'Birthers' Nuts?: STACLU


Obama Fails: AT (Dunn)
Stocks Just Happen to Go Up as Dem Agenda Crashes, Burns: Ace

Climate & Energy

Krakatoa Stirs Once More: Daily Mail (UK)
"Science" Czar Pushed "De-Development" of US in Seventies: Ace
Global Warming Religion: Sense


Malkin on... The Today Show?: Hot Air
Andrew Sullivan is... right?: WklyStd
Obama's Popularity is Sinking: S, C & A

MSNBC Forced to Write Heartbreaking Headline About New Poll: Ace
Associated Press Declares War on the Online World: PJM (Blumer)


Gaza goes Taliban: Prairie
Obama Regresses to Cold War Mythology … and Switches Sides: PJM (Atbashian)
Afghanistan Idol: PJM (Toto)


NYSE Leaves Confidential Infrastructure Data Exposed: Zero Hedge

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