Monday, July 27, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Deadly Doctors

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Immense Bureaucracy drives up health care plan's costs: Times
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Climate & Energy

Journal of Geophysical Research: Al Gore is Full of Crap: YWL
Deep Cool: the Mole within the Hadley CRU: Watts
Global Warming is Good: Surber


Hume: Obama Couldn't Bring Himself To Apologize, Yet Travels The World Apologizing For His Country: HAP
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UN to West: Hey, Give the Poor $5 Billion!: Greenroom
"First the 1967 Borders, then the 1948 Borders, Until there is No More Israel": Babushka
Syria’s Imelda Marcos on Facebook; Check Out the Shoes: PJM (Rosett)


Straight Out of the Oval Office: Treacher

Subject: How to Lose Your Job at the Times

"I parodied the arrival of Bill Kristol to the op-ed pages of the NYT and foreshadowed his departure, as well, in tongue-in-cheek emails I sent around last year. As I guessed, Kristol, a heavyweight conservative, proved too much for Times management and scared the living daylights out of their dwindling readership of aging Trotskyites holed up in their SROs on the Upper West Side. Kristol was promptly terminated with extreme prejudice at the end of his 12-month contract and his "conservative slot" filled by some young lightweight who presumably "takes direction" and plays between the lines, you know, like David Brooks.

All of this - and what a bad fit it was - came back to me after I ran across this video featuring Kristol's assessment of President Obama aired today on Fox News. New York Times people just never say such things - if they want to keep their jobs.

And while you're at it, have a look at this great piece by Mark Steyn, another brilliant writer you'll never read in The New York Times." -- Dan from New York.

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