Monday, July 20, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: White House Rips Dems on Health Takeover

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On Shearing Sheep (and Relentless Hostility): Hanson
Blue-on-Blue: White House Rips Dems: RedState
Shock: After bashing K Street, Dodd cavorts with lobbyists: Hill

Civil War Rages in Obamaland: Greenroom
Questions remain 40 years later: G&M
Obama losing support among nervous Dems: AP

Forgetting Sarah Palin: Coulter
Biden's Terrible Truths: Lileks
Losing His Cool: Surber


The New Labor Aristocrats: Government Employees: AT
Zero Percent Unemployment - Now!: Doc Zero
Governors balk at Obamacare: Surber

Iowa Farmer Sells Anti-Deficit Lemonade: GWP
Vote with your wallet. Or with your feet: Sipsey
Effin' Integrity: POWIP

Low on political capital, Obama pushes for socialized medicine: STACLU
Everything Old Is New Again: DoesItAllMatter


AP report on Card Check spins like a top: NewsBusters (Blumer)
Hilzoy: You can dismiss Patterico's credibility: Patterico
Fired Inspector General Files Lawsuit: Times

Climate & Energy

India to Dear Leader: We Won't Cut CO2: GWP
Eco-friendly light bulbs may be a ticking time bomb: Times
Coldest days in Michigan -- Ever: BlogProf

Commerce Secretary Says US Should Pay For China's Emissions: GWP


U.K. Crime Statistics Hit Record High: PJM (Dodge)
PM flatly rejects US demand to halt J'lem housing project: JPost
'I wed Iranian girls before execution': JPost

Failed 'Peace' Deal: Post
Smoking Gun: Zelaya Computers had 'certified' results for referendum that was never held: AT (Moran)
Attack Hamas' financial base: Prairie


Top Ten UFC Fighters: AskMen
International Swimmers' Day: Cube
Today's edition of 'Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?': Bubbanear

Dedicated to the Drone: BrutHon

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