Thursday, July 23, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: A Platform for Change

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"Put Your Laws All Over My Body": LegalIns
ACORN files voter registration lawsuit: Times
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Engine of Poverty: Doc Zero
"You're going to destroy my Presidency!": NatJournal
Dems 'baffled' by O's health care stance (haven't read Alinsky): CNN

Even after meltdown, collectivism is rejected: Hanson
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A look at his accomplishments (from the left): STACLU
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Onion mocks Times as state-run media: Blatt


Everest Revealed: Daily Mail (UK)


A Drunkard's Progress: From First Glass to the Grave: McMahon
How to make a ventilated seat for a VW: IZI
Live and Let Die: Balloon Juice

Jim DeMint's Five Questions for President Obama:

"1. If the major provisions of the health care bills will not kick in until 2013, four years from now, why the [hurry] to pass a thousand-page bill before the August recess, a bill you admit that you haven’t fully read yourself?

"2. You have said your health care bill will cut costs and not increase the deficit. But, independent analysis by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office contradicts both claims, saying it will raise costs and increase the deficit by $240 billion in the first ten years. What independent analysis will you provide that supports your claims and refutes CBO's?

"3. You have repeatedly said that your health care bill allows any American who likes their current employer-based plan to keep it. But the most comprehensive independent analysis available, by the Lewin Group, contradicts your claim and found your bill will force over 80 million Americans to lose their current coverage. Will you provide independent analysis to refute this study?" And Obama won't. He doesn't debate. He clears the field. He gets rid of opponents. He does not debate issues. He does not do that. He has his ideas -- and they are his, and they are right, and they're going to happen come hell or high water -- and we don't even have the right to disagree. We are being uppity if we disagree with this man's brilliance.

"4. Your own record in the Senate reveals you spent years voting against nearly every reform to make health care more affordable and accessible, but this week you said that opponents of your plan are 'content to perpetuate the status quo, [and] are, in fact, fighting reform on behalf of powerful special interests.' Which specific elected officials will you cite that have proposed to keep the status quo, and is that how you characterize the opposition of the 52 Blue Dog Democrats in the House...?

"5. Yes or no question: Will you guarantee pro-life Americans that, under your plan, they will not be forced to subsidize elective abortions?"

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