Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Treatment You Receive Five Years From Now

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The Treatment You Receive Five Years From Now: Hewitt
Sotomayor Snubs the Senate: AT (Moran)
Court: Teaching in English Helps Immigrants: Brownfeld

Maxine Waters Warns Blue Dogs: PatRoom
Jihad in North Carolina: LGF
A Post-Racial President?: Sowell

Vouchers Matter: City Journal
Intimidated by the Administration: Organized Exploitation
A Czar Too Far - #7 (Sunstein): NoisyRoom

A Tea Party Erupts: Riehl
He subjagates the meek, with a legacy of failure: Exurban
President Obama, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Sgt. James Crowley walk into a bar...: WyBlog

Swift Birthers: LegalIns
Police Lose Immunity in "Flying Imams" Lawsuit: Jawa
The Great Communicator: Majorities Believe Obama's Plan Will Do the Exact Opposite of What Obama Claims: Ace


California Screaming: Driscoll
Stimulus to Nowhere: We Got Punk'd: Riehl
Boehner: Dems Censoring Chart Illustrating Their Government Health Care Labyrinth: GOPleader

Communist China Warns Obama On His Record Deficit: GWP
Bawney Fwank Leading By Example: JWF
Dodd, Conrad: Mortgage discounts were 'courtesy': Times

Climate & Energy

Chicago sees coldest July since 1942: CBS2
German wind power 5 times more expensive than conventional -- MI Dems want more!: BlogProf
Carbon Taxes & Public Sector Pensions: EcoWorld

Melting Waxman: NRO


Frum vs. Levin: There's a Target-Rich Environment Elsewhere: Instapundit
Personal Aside: The Most Trusted Man in America? Hah!: Roeser
Pelosi's right: Her unpopularity doesn't matter: Examiner

AP Fact-Checks Democrats: Surber
Support For ObamaCare Decreases….NPR Blames The Ignorant American People: Aces
Michelle Malkin Releases "Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies": GWP


Enemy Capabilities: Crittenden
Confirmed: Obama sent letters to Arab heads of state... and they were ignored: Matzav
Taliban sets rules for handling captives: Canada (are these the 'Moderate Taliban'?)


Obama Birth Certificate Smoking Gun: Exurban
The War on Cankles: WSJ

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