Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: "A good day for the Chi-Coms"

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Say Agh: Obama Paid Off the AMA: Ace
Why the Obama Stimulus Plan Must Fail: Forbes
Detroit goes for all-time homicide record!: BlogProf

A most savage compassion: Breath
Cumpulsory Care: Against It Before He Was For It: LegalIns
Dodd Tries to Fix the Wrong Problem!: Bulletin

No, you CAN'T see the numbers: Anchoress
Russ Carnahan's (D-MO) healthcare forum: MoneyRunner
Obama: I care whether we'll "be saddled with debt": SIGIS

The Three Big Lies of Obamacare: Post
Voters terrified of Obama's rushed 'experiments': York
We'll get less for more: Post (Pipes)

Senate kills F-22: "A good day for the Chi-Coms": Ace
Radical Islam Checks In: WSJ (Dhume)
Polls show trust for the One is dropping like a rock: AT (Moran)


More Good News for Cali: Pension Fund Loses $57 Billion: LA Times
Paulson Pwned: Zero Hedge
President HooBama: Denninger

Wriston's Law Still Holds: PJM (Karlgaard)
Avoiding Zimbabwe-like Inflation: Blodget
Reich: Economy will never recover: Clusterstock

Climate & Energy

Palin 1, Obama 0: CA budget deal allows drilling: Ace
Midwest will be hit hardest by Cap-n-Tax: AIP (Hoft)
Record low temps in 31 states: GWP

A Czar Too Far: NoisyRoom
Al Gore's hometown experiences coldest July on record: WHNT


One Giant Leap: Yon
Obama circles the wagons with lefty bloggers: Surber
Peggy Noonan has Palin Envy: AT

What's behind Russia's Journalist Killing Spree?: PJM (Mauro)
"The world that radical Islamists, both violent AND NONVIOLENT, seek to create": Corner


Media silent on evidence of planned Honduras vote fraud: PJM (de la Cruz)
Sleep Soundly: Hillary's on the Job: Sense
The Perks of the Job: World

Iranian Jokes: Crittenden
Al-Kadi's ownership of Ptech acknowledged: TerrorFinance
Day 38 of the Revolution: Atlas


The 4 Types of Branded Facebook Campaigns: AllFacebook
Microsoft Linux move puts pressure on VMware: NetWorld
Engineering Lessons from Apollo: EE Times


Full text: Obama's address to the nation: American Digest
'Lifeclock' to Reduce Federal Health Care Costs: Charlie Foxtrot

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