Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Four Long Years In Six Short Months

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99% of my professors are Democrats: CSM
Minneapolis struggles with rise of Somali gangs : Chron
DeMint thrashes Dear Leader: GWP

On the Fly Audacity: NROH
Dealergate: Congress reverses Obama: Malkin
Democrats Will Teach You to Die With Dignity: Red State

Mayo Clinic: House Plan Is Bad Medicine: Times
The Sotomayor Charade: New Editor
Racial Preferences in Dem Health Care Bill: AT (Favish)

In Search of Independents: Doc Zero
The Racist Assumptions of Boxer and Obama: PJM (Grabar)
Sonia Sotomayor La Raza: STACLU


Distinction without a difference: Cold Fury
Four Long Years in Six Short Months: Dinocrat
Gaffetastic: Obama forgets who controls Congress: GWP

Governors fear Medicaid cost explosion: Fausta
Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan b***slaps Henry Paulson: Six Meat Buffet
Dude, Where's My Budget?: RightPundits

Climate & Energy

Self-righteous drivers are lousy drivers: Ace
Everybody's Talking About The Weather But No One Is Betting On It... Yet: JOM


New York Times hits bottom, digs: AT (Kemp)
One-Way Free Speech: AT (Levy)
Americans no longer trust Barack Obama: Macsmind

Now you see it, now you don't: Budget Trickery: PJM
Harry and Louise: Least Successful Comeback Since Mike Tyson: Corner
No, It Wasn't Racial Profiling: LegalIns


New era as British hostility reaches crescendo: JPost
What the Colonization of Europe Means for Us: Atlas
Hillary Needs a New Deal: Mullings

Et tu, Africa?: AT (Ikenga)
Obama misses Gitmo deadline: Surber
Hillary gets panned as Secretary of State: Surber

'Human Rights Watch' Cozies Up To Saudis: PJM
Do Obama's Jewish Backers Have Any Red Lines?: Tobin
Jerusalem Heartburn: Hazony


Onion Bought By Chinese: LGF
It Was Forty Years Ago Today: Cube
Classic Obama Albums: IOTW

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