Thursday, July 16, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Private Insurance Illegal Under Obamacare Bill

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Whoa! Private health insurance illegal under new Obamacare bill: IBD
The Hidden Cost of National Health Care: Reynolds
Health Care Bill returns U.S. to Carter-era Tax Rates: Times

New science czar: add sterilants to water supply: STACLU
Obamacare IS rationing: Surber
The GOP's Nuclear Weapon: Kaus

Islamic Hate Speaker Comes to Columbus: PJM (Poole)
Hate Crimes Bill to Hit Senate This Week: STACLU
Dem Angelides to Lead Financial Crisis Probe : Bloomberg

A detailed look at Obamacare: SIGIS
The fix is in: for the long term: Atlas


WaPo calls out Obama for his 'tax the rich' mirage: AT (Moran)
Change! MI Unemployment Hits 15.2%, Highest Since '76: BlogProf
The Huge Tax Increase on Small Business: NewEd

Paying for 'Free' Health Care: Fausta
Governing? Don't bother me, man, I'm high: Kesler
CA vs. TX: Prairie

The Stimulus Ain't Working, Goalposts Must be Moved: Rove
Dem insider admits: Obama now a political liability: GWP
The Marginal Cost of Life: Classical

Climate & Energy

Shocker: "Global Warming: Scientists' Best Predictions May Be Wrong": Ace
Dems position Goldman to profit from Cap-n-Trade: AT (Tate)
NASA: caught rigging temp readings, again: Watts


Great news: Iran could have bomb in six months: JWF
Another ally rebuffed: India still miffed over Hillary's last snub: Sify


CNN's Obama ankle-licking thwarted: Protein
How the BBC promotes anti-Semitism: Eye
WaPo lies about the rich and taxes: Charlie Foxtrot


When Galaxies Collide: LGF
Private Falcon 1 vehicle places Malaysia's RazakSAT satellite into orbit: SpaceX
Obama's Science Czar: Traditional family is obsolete, punish large families: Examiner


Nancy's Tweets: Parkway
Clarence Thomas Hearing: SNL

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