Monday, July 13, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: He thinks you're stupid, and he could be right

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Obama Op-Ed defends Failed Porkulus Package: Morrissey
Yep, Dems lied about warrantless surveillance: AT (Feldman)
Growing worries about our Pied Piper: Hanson

The Feminist Way of Interviewing: AT (Knight)
The Anti-Reagan: PJM (Hawkins)
Preventing a Massive LA Terror Attack: GWP

Climate Czar Browner: Break Federal Law: BlogProf
Goose, Gander: Health Reform Political Judo: TigerHawk
First Lady Requires 20 Attendants: CFP

Obama's Op-Ed, Annotated: Corner


Federal Government Chief Culprit in Meltdown: CNS
Oh, the damage he'll do: MoneyRunner
He thinks you're stupid, and he could be right: Dinocrat

Responding to the President's Op-Ed: Hennessey
50% of homeowners in or near underwater mortgages: ILB


Obama Frees Iranian Terror Masters: NRO
Iranian Ayatollah Montazeri Issues Fatwa Against the Regime: AT (Lifson)
Kim Jong-Il has Pancreatic Cancer: Surber

Death in the dorms: Iranian students recall horror of police invasion: Guardian (UK)
Angry: Shayne
Saudi Arabia's religious police undergoes change slowly: Miami Herald

Zelaya Removal is Required by Honduras’ Constitution: STACLU
Selective Meddling: Charlie Foxtrot
Those whacky, riotous French "youths": GoV


ACORN's billion-dollar propaganda man: Blatt
MSM: Cheer up! Obama Economy Could be Worse: GWP
Distracting the public with a head-fake: AT (Baehr)

Daily Kos Racist Nutjob Caught In Blogging Scandal: GWP
David Brooks' Thigh: Fausta
Decontructing Dershowitz: JPost (Phillips)

Free the Herald One!: Crittenden


Enlarge Your Economy in Just Days with Stimulus Package: Cube
Cooling Out: From Spare Change to No Change: AmerDig
Bruno interviews a terrorist: YouTube

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