Friday, July 17, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Enemy of God. Enemy of Man.

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Enemy of God. Enemy of Man: Scipio
The Chilling Prophecy of Ayn Rand: Ware
Health Care is Not a Right: Boortz

A modest proposal, 2009 edition: Morrissey
Do the Blue Dogs have any bite?: Malkin
If you vote for Obamacare, then enroll in it: Surber

Why We Endorsed Warrantless Wiretaps: Yoo
Sotomayor: a Weak Pick: Ace
Liberalism in a Hurry: AT (Schwimmer)

What problem are we solving?: Peek
Do not believe the Blue Dog and Pony show: GWP
The Legend of Bonnie and Conyers: Riehl

A Wise Latina Will Add Spice to the Menudo of Justice: IowaHawk
Boxer gets a much deserved boxing: Brutal
The Case of Sotomayor v. Bork: Racialists, Scoundrels, and Supreme Court Coaching: PJM


A Reckless Congress: WSJ
Obamacare could crush nation in more debt: Gray Lady
New White House spin: Stimulus not designed to… stimulate: Morrissey

A self-defeating War on the Rich: Pethoukis
The Cure that makes the Disease Worse: Power Line
States of Disrepair: Charlie Foxtrot

Unions Own This White House: Will
Empowering the Unions to Kill Competition: FedEx Edition: Corner
CBO: Obama's Cost-Saving Health Care Reforms Will, Um, Increase Costs: Ace


Obama Plans "Peace in Our Time" With Genocidal Sudan: Jumping in Pools
Honduras: Zelaya says he’s on his way back: Fausta


How to Bring Down ACORN (and the Obama Administration With 'Em): Provocateur
EPIC FAIL... Biden Sent Out to Bash Cantor--- 140 Show Up!!: GWP


14-year old invents medical breakthrough: PBD001
Google has itself 'a very good quarter': CNet


Obama Rap: "Just a little bit of Obama Drama": YouTube
Minnesota's Clown Senator Asks Sotomayor to Discuss Perry Mason at Confirmation Hearing (Video): GWP
Health care card in every wallet and a Government Motors car in every garage: MYODBP

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