Friday, July 24, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Your tax dollars at work - $8.5B to ACORN

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Arrogance: Stossel
"ACORN is a Criminal Organization": Provocateur
Outrage: Dems funneled $8.5 billion to ACORN: GWP

FBI getting closer to Murtha?: TPM
If the election were held today, Chris Dodd would be looking for work: PatRoom
Feel more secure after the explanation?: SIGIS

Obama issues orders to his brownshirts: Protein
Boehner: Immigration Bill is a "Piece of S***": Dobbs
Gates shoves Sharpton out of the way: AmerDig


George Gilder: Israel Is The "Crucial Battlefield For Capitalism In The World": Mere Rhetoric
How to talk to a liberal about Obamacare: Driscoll

Climate & Energy

Reuters takes sides on climate change: PJM (Blumer)
The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge: JunkScience
Go Sarah: Palin vs. the Enviro-Statists: Atlas


We Now Move To The Post Post-Racial Phase Of The Obama Presidency: JOM
Three GOP Senators On Obamacare's Prospects and the Role of Grassroots Opposition: Hewitt
Founders wisely blocked Obama's health care reform rush: Tapscott

Fox investigates Michelle's alleged patient dumping schemes: FreeLight
AP: Obama lied Wednesday night about his health care plans: GWP
How Hawaii's Universal Health Care Program Disintegrated: Wizbang


The Death Spiral of the Islamic Republic: Ledeen
The Quiet Coup: Atlantic
Saad: UBL's son killed: GWP

Hey! Only we Americans can make fun of Hillary!: AT (Moran)
Michael Yon Dispatch: Big Hollywood
Conference of Presidents Slams Obama: Matzav


We get a ride in Hyundai's new S-class fighter: Edmunds
Today's Broken Promise: GM Warranty: Surber


Sexy News from the World of Archaeology: American Digest

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