Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two Books

Well, well well. Look what Sarah Palin is reading.

A book that describes the rationale for the very founding of the United States; and the philosophers who inspired the Framers; the economic, legal and moral principles underpinning the Constitution.

Compare and contrast: several months ago, President Obama was reading The Post-American World.

Other Items of Interest

Somali Coast Cruise Brochure
Dealergate: 40 Democrat-friendly Dealerships Become 42
Star Trek: The Stimulus Doomsday Machine
Rx for Disaster
An open letter to Colin Powell
Illustrated Results of Barack Obama's Community Organizing
True Life Fannie Mae Testimony
Jamie Gorelick, Mistress of Disaster
The Bidens: Hedge Funds, Hair Plugs and Ponzi Schemes
Unintended Consequences

Hat tips: Motivation: Truth and C. K. MacLeod. Linked by: Cold Fury. Thanks!

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