Friday, July 31, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Who will tell Michael J. Fox he needs to die?

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Troubling Signs for ObamaCare and Obamaism: Commentary
Who Will Tell Michael J. Fox He Needs to Die?: Sodahead
Obama's 32 Czars: Cantor

ReparationCare: IBD
Pelosi -- worst speaker in modern history: Examiner
The Islamist Who Served on the Electoral College: PJM (Rusin)

Lawmakers want answers in Panther case: Times
Dems backing public health care are in for a 'very hot summer': GOPleader
Frosty, Cold Triangulation: Charlie Foxtrot

Obamacare could kill the AARP: Tapscott
Did M. Conyers Leave Office With $21K of 'Parting Gifts'?: BlogProf
What do you call a Midas touch, 'cept you turn it to s***?: JerseyNut


Cash for Clunkers Junked: Malkin (and they want to run health care?)
Each Oregon Stimulus Job Costs $371,000 Per Year: Wizbang
Where’s Waldo on Tort Reform?: Kesler

Cash for Clunkers' 136-page rulebook; How many pages for GovCare?: Perry
Hubris that can be seen from orbit: View from the Porch
Going postal in the health care debate: Maguire

Dems Measure Stimulus Jobs Like China Measures Forest-Planting Efforts: Blatt
Obama backs up and regroups: SIGIS

Climate & Energy

The Ten Most-Respected Global Warming Skeptics: BizIns
Warmist Editor faces blowback from scientists: AT (Lifson)


Dan Rather Calls on Obama to Save the Media: LGF
Obama and Times leave real world behind: Kaus
Roseanne Barr Dressed as Hitler Bakes Burnt 'Jew Cookies': Atlas

More Bad News for Democrats: Surber


Day 48: Iran Revolution: Atlas
Freedom of Jihad: Crittenden
Helpful Hints from ACORN: JWF

Obama's Cuba Policy: Speak Softly, Carry No Stick: PJM (Gomez)


Kaminsky illuminates flaws in X.509 certs: DarkRdng


Hot Pocket: Gaffigan (Video)
Chinese Buffet: Pinette (Video)
Redneck word for the day: Obama: Powers

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