Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Either a Perjurer or Unqualified

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Liberal Law Professor: She's a Perjurer or Unqualified: Ace
Obama visits Michigan, Tea Party breaks out!: BlogProf
The evasions and misstatements of Sonia S.: PJM (Rubin)

Grim Milestone: Unemployment at 9.7%: GWP
Who Saved G.I. Joe?: PJM (Fernandez)
Sotomayor's nose grows longer: Power Line

Liberal Law Professors Against Sotomayor?: Corner
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Rattner Theories: Kaus
Stimulating Charter Schools: Much More Can Be Done: Smarick

One Reliable Statistic To Guide Health Care Debate: Kesler
Kyl: Sotomayor so lacking in candor, her honesty in question: Ace


Obama's Economic Train Wreck: LawHawk
Job losses causing heat stress in DC: GWP
Change! The Economy Is Even Worse Than You Think: WSJ

What ‘Going Galt,’ and Obama’s Induced Uncertainty and Fear, Have Led To: BizzyBlog
Congress wants to end success: Surber
Small business reeling, so Democrats decides to raise their taxes: Prairie

Climate & Energy

The 'Cap And Tax' Dead End: Palin
Study shakes foundation of climate theory!: Depot
Climate bill spells skyrocketing energy rates, unemployment: NWV

Green Suicide of the G-8: AT (Hawkins)
Clearly it's Al Gore who's in denial: AT (Sheppard)
Running Scared: Gore Ducks Australian Government Skeptic: JWF


Thank you Britain: Surber
Why Europeans are turning against Obama: AT (McCann)
Day 30: Mullahs arrest journalists; Obama releases terror associates to Mullahs: Atlas


AP budget report riddled with errors and omissions: NewsBusters (Blumer)
Levin and MLF respond to Frank Rich: Riehl
Obama Car Czar Abdicates After Brief Tenure, WaPo Places Story on Page A11: NewsBusters

Media ignores Obumbler's Stumble: GWP


A giant leap for commercial spaceflight: PJM (Simberg)
Hackers = $415,000, Bullitt County, KY = $0: Softpedia


Sign of the Times: AT
Opponents of Barack Obama's presidency claim small court victory: LAT

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