Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: How 'bout reading the bills before you vote?

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Chaos on Capitol Hill: Barone
Congress: Read the Bills Before You Vote!: Jacoby
The Obama Mind Trick: Hewitt

What 'physiological differences,' Judge Sotomayor?: Examiner
How Sarah Palin will become the most powerful Republican: AmDig
Ballot initiative to end state benefits for illegals: LAT

Ethics probe of Conyers sought: Times
Liz Cheney Takes Barack Obama to the Woodshed: DaleyGator
Negotiating with Terrorists: SIGIS

Sotomayor 2009: Senate's Big Waste of Time: Surber
Shayne is pissed again: Shayne


Grim Milestone: $1 Trillion in the Hole: GWP
African-Americans hit hardest by Obamanomics: JWF
Hoyer-linked firm got $18M Recovery.gov award: Examiner (Tapscott)

Climate & Energy

Cap-n-Trade Blowback Leaves Heartland Dems Rattled: GOPleader
Green energy deal finds few takers in liberal Austin, TX: AT (Lifson)


You're Welcome: IrishSpy
600,000 slaves in Mauritania and no one gives a crap (has Obama thought to blame Israel yet?): Telegraph (UK)
Maybe these are the 'Moderate Taliban' Obama told us about: Odysseus (Caution: graphic violence)

Tippity Top Secret: Bush Planned to Kill AQ Leaders: Crittenden
July 1914, July 1939 — July 2009?: PJM (Chesler)


Daily Kos Far Left Nutjob Ensnared in Scandal: GWP
Facebook crackdown on counterterrorism groups: Atlas
Tragedy at the White House: TOTUS destroyed: Hot Air

ACORN’s Billionaire Propaganda Man: Blatt
Hope n' Change Quote o' the Day: Patterico


Six Pathetic Groups that People Think Rule the World: Cracked

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