Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Disaster in July

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We've Figured Him Out: Stein
Five Things the U.S. Must Apologize For: Blatt
Progressives To Palin: Get Back In The Kitchen!: MereRhet

Conyers Sees No Point in Members Reading 1,000-Page Health Care Bill: CNS
Cambridge Officer: I won't vote for Obama again: Barrack
Gates Revises Tax Return Based On Blog Post: Riehl

Analysis: July a Disaster for Obama, Dems: Ace
The Price of 'Diversity': Corner
Tea Party at "ACORN" McCaskill's Town Hall: GWP


Krugman's Idiocy: The Second Coming of Keynes: Mises
The States Are Broke: EconomPic
977,000 Mortgages in California are Toxic Waste: HB, MD

Hoven's Index: First Six Months: AT (Hoven)
Liar: Dodd, Conrad told deals were sweetened: Malkin
Obama 2004: Bush Rushed Legislation Through Congress Without Allowing Time to Read Or Debate: NewsBusters

What to Ask Your Congressperson about Obamacare: AT (Cary)
Fannie Med: Senate Ready to Compromise on Government Health Bill?: Hot Air

Climate & Energy

Climate Fear Promoters Explain Record Cold and Snow: 'Global warming made it less cool': Depot


Newsweek: Start Celebrating! The Recession Is Over!: Ace
Just how smart is Obama?: AT (Feldman)
Another Bad Sign for Obama: Apologist Ed Schultz Wonders if Obama Will Run for Re-Election: NewsBusters

Why the press loves the 'Birther' issue: Clouthier
Times bashes 'Birthers', blames Limbaugh: NewsBusters


Peace Plan Marks a New Era: Rubin
Next Round in Iraq: PJM (Mauro)
Genocide and Terror in France: GMP

Is North Korea Testing Biological Weapons on Children?: PJM (Chang)


Madonnarms: Surber

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