Thursday, June 07, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Send In The Drones: Obama Spies On America

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Send In The Drones: Obama Spies On America: IBD
Obama: vote me out if you want economic growth: HayRide
The Recall Heard Around the World: Coulter

Big Labor drops a do-over deuce: Hot Air
WI Recall a Tea Party Victory: Breitbart
Democrats Threaten Walker Assassination: Power Line

Of course not: Obama not scheduled to commemorate D-Day: Dossier
Heh: Is Bill Clinton a Double-Agent For the GOP?: Ace
Mark Levin: The Tea Party is more powerful than ever!: Scoop


Big Blue Hammered in California: Mead
Obama’s Socialist Allies Defeated in Wisconsin: Kincaid
Public Housing Director Paid $644,241: Cato

Debt Per American Set to Triple in a Generation : WS
Lefties react to their failed recall: Treacher
Keep Punching Back, Romney: Sarah

Scandal Central

Ethics committee says case against Waters to move forward: Hill
Chambliss demands DOJ inquiry into 'SWAT-ting' incidents against bloggers: Times
Solar Company Hired Biden Staffer to Help Secure $1.6 Billion Federal Loan: Foundry

House Judiciary Committee Hearing, Today: Holder on the Hotseat, Again: Nice Deb
Fannie Med: WSJ
Good Thing Obama Doesn’t Handle Federal Finances Like He Does Personal Finances – Oh, Wait: LoneCon

Climate & Energy

Exposed: Obama Lying About 3 Million Green Jobs: HillBuzz
Coal Communities devastated by EPA and new Utility MACT rule: FW


NYT: Walker Win Means Romney Will Lose WI : S&L
Obama Campaign Spin: A Strong Message Was Sent To Governor Walker: iOTW
Angry, delusional liberals accuse Twitchy of fabricating Walker death threats: Twitchy

David Limbaugh's Devastating Book: NB
Hey, Remember When Dems Said the Wisconsin Recall Election was the Most Important Election Ever?: LoneCon
Alert Eric Holder: First Lady Requires Photo ID for Her Book Signings: NB

Democrats Lament Too Much Money in Politics as Obama Heads to California for Five More Fundraisers: JWF
Did Brett Kimberlin Stalk BlogCon?: RSM
Bloomberg Busted in Huge Lie About Soda Ban: IMAO

New York Sun: Palin Is the Only Republican Who Has Pointedly Reached Out to Labor: C4P
President of Estonia rips NYT's Resident Half-wit Paul Krugman: Exam
Turnout, Turnout, Turnout: The "Superiority" of the Democrat's GOTV is No More.: Ace


Democrats Purge Pro-Israel Congressman: Beacon
Will Estonia Lead the Way?: Ace
Socialized Medicine Success Story o' the Day: Register UK


NYT: Office for iPad is still on: Engadget
Google warns Gmail users about state-sponsored email hacking: CNet
Google patents location-based mobile alerts that know where you're going to: Engadget


Sixty Eight Years Ago Today: Erickson
A modest proposal: liberals should start their own country: Glob
Hark! A Sleeping Giant Wakes: MOTUS

Image: "Michelle Doesn’t Go All the Way Down – Barack Obama" iOwnTheWorld
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "The things that [Obama]’s done even with a election pending, in six months or so are frightening, he’s still doubling down on his Keynesian spending on his debt, refusing to rein in the debt, refusing to give us a plan on entitlements, refusing to lead the Senate to give us a budget after 1,100 or so days, I fear that he would do more administrative end-runs around Congress, more abuses of authority with his executive power and he would create even more debt — and we only have a 2-3 year window according to experts if you listen to what Paul Ryan says." --David Limbaugh

"There are going to be lots of court cases in California and elsewhere as judges sort out the legalities of pension obligations, but Via Meadia‘s advice to public sector workers remains unchanged. If your pension looks too good to be true, it probably is. You should not believe either the union officials or the politicians who tell you not to worry. These pension plans are not safe, and those affected should begin, now, to make changes in spending and saving patterns to guard against sudden and unpleasant shocks that are all too likely to be heading your way... Change is coming, and faster than you think. America is reinventing itself to retool for the 21st century, and many of the assumptions and institutions of 20th century politics are fading away." --Walter Russell Mead

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Anonymous said...

Does the teenage kid who sells used records count as someone who has a green job? What about an oil lobbyist, or someone who works at an antique shop? Those all count as “Green Jobs” according to the Obama Administration’s top statistician at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.