Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Pathologies of Progressivism

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The Pathologies of Progressivism: Thornton
Obama’s Backdoor Amnesty Outrage Just Par for His Course: DLim
We’ve Reached the Penultimate Jimmy Carter Moment: Erickson

More Ridiculous Lies From Liberal Media: Sooper
Occupy Oakland protests in FAVOR of child sex trafficking: Zombie
10 FBI agents investigated Zimmerman's racial views: Miami

"Asian male" attempts to blow up pipeline in Plano, TX: Tatler
So Now the President Gets to Decide Who Is a Citizen?: Teresa
Michelle Obama slaps ‘corporate’ work, ‘fat paychecks’: Exam


The Immigration Ploy: Sowell
Obamacare Fallout: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit: Hicks
The Greek Election Solves… Nothing: Mead

Key Catholic Ally Jumps Sinking ObamaCare Ship: IBD
Postcards From Hell, 2012: ForPol
Spain's debt problems keep markets on edge: Reuters

Scandal Central

Obama's Lawless Presidency Close To Totalitarianism: IBD
ATF Sued for Its Fast and Furious Communications With White House: JW
17,000-Strong Group of Border Patrol Agents Calls For Holder to Resign: Times

Climate & Energy

Your Tax Dollars at Work: EPA Science Writer Celebrates Andrew Breitbart’s Death: GWP


Unspeakable Things: The Liberals’ Clumsy Dance Across Obama's Killing Floor: Floyd
Another Dem Defects: Goolsbee Criticizes Obama's Divisive Administration: Breitbart
Missing From Media Coverage: Obama’s Historically Dismal Record on Full- and Part-Time Employment: Blumer

MSNBC/Andrea Mitchell Smear Romney With Edited Video: Publius
Media pretty excited about Romney talking up Wawa subs or something; Update: Deceptive editing: Hot Air
Harassment: September 22, 2011: Patterico

I Have an Obama Theory: iOTW
Three Leading W. Va. Dems Not Attending Party Convention; Will the News Get Wide Coverage?: Bizzy
41 Joe Biden Expressions You Must Know: Blaze

Hints about how the Supreme Court will rule on ObamaCare?: Q&O
What to take away from the debunking of MSNBC’s fake Romney WaWa ‘scandal.’: Lane
Biden Admits His Blue Collar Background Is Bogus: MB


Obama Gives Our Secrets to Russia: Morris
IDF tanks move closer to Egypt border: ynet
Canadian Study Says Soda Doesn't Cause Childhood Obesity: MenRec


Microsoft unveils 'Surface' tablet to compete with Apple's iPad: Fox
When Technologies Collide: iOTW
NASA Voyager 1 spacecraft nears interstellar space: Fox


Massive Bombing Exercises Reported at Fort Knox: TAB
Sarah Palin’s “Fabulous” High Heels: Shark Tank
For Everything Else, There’s the Marx Card: Tatler

Image: Obama Campaign Selling Fashion Items, Including Terrorist-style Keffiya
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QOTD: "The big question, of course, is what happens to a malignant narcissist when reality is so overwhelming that his normal coping mechanisms — self-aggrandizement and the denigration of others — no longer work? ... One could say that insanity is the last refuge of a narcissist. If the real world will no longer conform to his self-image, he’ll deny the real world, and come up with a better one that allows him to boast to his heart’s content, not just about his own alleged qualities, but about larger, objective reality." --Bookworm Room

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