Monday, June 18, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Holder's Just-Us Department under Fire

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Holder's Just-Us Department under Fire: AT
Explain to me again why they are called “reporters”?: LI
Governance by the Executive: Stormbringer

King Con: The Legend of Obama: Sultan Knish
Emperor Obama Rules by Decree: RWN
Obama Uses Daughters As Political Props In New Campaign Ad: WZ


Flatten California: Laffer
Oh, Dear Lord: I agree with Michael Bloomberg on something: Ace
President Obama Lays Off 800,000 American Workers: Clockwork

Golfer-in-Chief Hits Links for Record 100th Time: Nice Deb
Greek Election Sideshow: How Long Will the Market Celebrate?: Mish
China property prices drop further raising growth fears: BBC

Climate & Energy

Mann’s 'hockey stick' claims refuted years before publication: Watts


AP 1987: 'Why do [reporters] shout at President Reagan?': DC
Conservative bloggers taking precautions over ‘SWAT-ing’ attacks: Fox
Sam Donaldson: I Was Never Rude to a President, and Those Who Criticize Obama are Racist: Powers

Peter Hart (D) Focus Group: Independents Who Voted For Obama Are Now Turning Away : Ace
I’m ‘Just’ A Blogger: NoisyRm
‘Scrubbed’ Writings Show Kimberlin Associate Neal Rauhauser’s Obsessions: RSM

King Obama the Insane — is Obama still living the big lie, or has he slipped round the bend?: Bookworm
White House Leaked Friday's Immigration Announcement to NYT and Time Magazine: NB
George Will Was On His Game On 'This Week': Hope

Biased Media Reports Non-News: RWN
Plouffe fails miserably at spin attempts on deportation waivers, leaks: Twitchy
Frank Rich: Obama Should 'Nuke' Romney With Attack Ads Like LBJ's 'Daisy': NB


This is how they buy you: Stormbringer
Imam Defended by Christie Cited in Counter-Terrorism Report, Will Speak at Radical Mosque: WrldThrts
Toronto Arab newspaper publishes love poem to jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber: JihadWatch

Arab Spring: Muslim Brotherhood claims victory in Egypt president vote: Scoop
Report: Russia to send marines to Syria: AP
Saudi Arabian women risk arrest as they defy ban on driving: Guardian


Market for zero-day vulnerabilities incentivizes programmers to sabotage their own work: Boing Boing
Saturn, raw: Discover
My Father vs. Windows 8: VentureBeat


This Week in Automotivators: RWN
Radical Changes May Be Coming Soon To American Football: Krasting
From Russia with love: The doting father bear who can't help cuddling his cub : Daily Mail

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QOTD: "Firms, people, investments, and tax revenues are fleeing California, repelled by the most onerous antigrowth business environment in the United States. California’s after-tax rate of return for doing business lags so far behind other states’ (especially zero-income-tax competitors such as Texas, Tennessee, and Florida) that the exodus shouldn’t surprise anyone. Yet the state’s Democratic leadership is pushing a November ballot measure aimed at raising income and sales taxes in order to make up for lost revenue.

Tax hikes, especially during trying economic times like these, make no sense. Economies don’t tax themselves into prosperity." --Arthur Laffer

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