Friday, June 29, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Chief Justice Roberts’s Folly

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Chief Justice Roberts’s Folly: NRO
Here’s the clue that was missed in predicting Roberts’ ruling: OakPrs
Rubio,West,Mack and Others Smack Down SCOTUS Decision: Shark

"This decision I would go as far to say is lawless": Mark Levin
Obamacare: 'Things are now up for Grabs': Feldman
Roberts: It's Not A Tax, It Is A Tax: CNS

I’m Not Down on John Roberts: RS
Was Scalia’s Dissent Originally a Majority Opinion?: Volokh
Kennedy: Court 'imposes tax when Congress rejected tax': Hill


Obamacare: A System Designed to Fail: Q&O
Most Tasteless Administration in History: Sarah
Obama campaign selling another classy T-shirt: Sooper


SCOTUS rules Obamacare is the largest tax increase in history: EIB
$1.7 trillion Obamacare tax now violates Obama’s 2008 tax pledge: DC
ObamaCare is upheld, now what?: Stacy

Only the Voters Can Save America Now: Wolf
Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes: 20 taxes on American families and small businesses: ATR
Pelosi So Happy About ObamaCare She Nabbed 20% Of New Waivers For Her District: AllAm

Scandal Central

Holder Held In Contempt, 255-67, 100 Dems Flee: Pelosi’s Insane Rant, Holder’s Bitter Speech: Nice Deb
Emails: White House worked with health industry to send business to Axelrod’s firm: DC
Abound Solar latest clean energy loan guarantee recipient to announce bankruptcy: Malkin

Climate & Energy

Why EPA Regulating Greenhouse Gases Is Absurd…And Why It Doesn’t Matter: Chron
Thanks, EPA: Texas Approves Big Boost in Wholesale Electricity Rate: NBC DFW
Energy Milestone: Natural Gas and Coal Had the Same Share of Electricity Generation in April: Carpe Diem


Rush Limbaugh: Boiling tea only makes it stronger: Scoop
CNBC Ratings Crash, Fox Business Network Surge: Publius
Top DNC staffers gloat over Obamacare, taunt GOP ‘bitches,’ ‘mother******s’: Twitchy

Ann Coulter 2005: John Roberts is just like David Souter: FAM
National Organization For Women Applauds New Law On Their Bodies: Glob
Nancy Pelosi Latest Democrat Who Can’t Remember Brian Terry’s Name: Glob


5 Giant Companies Who Use Slave Labor: BizPundit
Hollande Wrests Merkel Concessions In Euro Crisis Plan: Bloomberg
Spoiler or Voice of Reason? Russian Role In Syria: ABC


Automated robbery: how card skimmers (still) steal millions from banks: Ars Technica
Sex Tech: Facebook’s “not so fresh” feeling, Google Glass porn: ZDNet
Birth of a baby captured on MRI video: Global Post


Forward: Laughing Con
WZ Family Member Passes On: Requests Donations In Lieu Of Flowers...: WZ
"if, .... ," by contemporary kipling .... (a distant cousin) ....: Winter Soldier

Image: A.C.N. Photography
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Join the fight: Repeal Obamacare

QOTD: "Arizona bears the brunt of the country's illegal immigration problem. Its citizens feel themselves under siege by large numbers of illegal immigrants who invade their property, strain their social services, and even place their lives in jeopardy. Federal officials have been unable to remedy the problem, and indeed have recently shown that they are unwilling to do so. Thousands of Arizona's estimated 400,000 illegal immigrants -- including not just children but men and women under 30 -- are now assured immunity from enforcement, and will be able to compete openly with Arizona citizens for employment.

Arizona has moved to protect its sovereignty -- not in contradiction of federal law, but in complete compliance with it. The laws under challenge here do not extend or revise federal immigration restrictions, but merely enforce those restrictions more effectively. If securing its territory in this fashion is not within the power of Arizona, we should cease referring to it as a sovereign State." --Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

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