Monday, June 18, 2012

Michelle Obama rips ‘corporate’ work and ‘fat paychecks’ that actually pay for her lavish lifestyle including $600,000 vacations in Spain

The First Lady, who is well known for her hard work and spartan lifestyle, is in the news for decrying the very system that allows her and her husband to live in the lap of luxury.

Michelle Obama slaps ‘corporate’ work, ‘fat paychecks’

First lady Michelle Obama took her inspirational family story on the road over the weekend, telling the graduating class of Oregon State University that having a corner corporate office and a big paycheck isn’t the prize it looks like when entering the job market...

“After graduating from college, we did everything we thought we should do to be successful -- Craig went to business school, I went to law school, we got prestigious jobs at an investment bank and me at a law firm. We soon had all the traditional markers of success: the fat paycheck, the fancy office, the impressive lines on our resumés. But the truth is, neither of us was all that fulfilled,” said Obama. “I was living the dream, but it wasn’t my dream. And Craig felt the same way, unbeknownst to me.”

So they quit; she went to work in the Chicago mayor’s office and her brother became a basketball coach.

The article's comments are classic. Some of the highlights:

She went from earning $121,910 in 2004 as an executive director at the hospital to making $316,962 in 2005 as a vice president." Oh, and the huge increase happened to coincide with Barack Obama becoming Senator Obama in January 2005. Purely coincidental, of course.

A job she got after her husband was elected to congress and was in a position to help the university. A job that was so important that it was not re-filled after she left to go to DC

Hasn't it been over a week since you have taken a lavish vacation at taxpayer expense, Michelle? Yet another leftist hypocrite!
Her job was moving poor black patients to other hospitals, for which she was censured and lost her law license. She is an awful, evil person, with a hate-scowl that would curdle milk.

Oh Yea, I forgot to mention her brother at Oregon State. They tried to fire him but, miraculously a very large and I mean LARGE sum of money appeared at Oregon State suddenly and the powers to be decided to keep the mediocre coach. Now, is that not strange or what? that Oregon received a "Fat Corporate Paycheck".

Her 'job' at the University of Chicago Hospital was 'granny dumping'. She was in charge of finding neighborhood clinics and other cheaper facilities that would take in the patients at the University of Chicago Hospital that were on Medicaid or Part A Medicare. There are photos floating around the Net of these poor people being loaded into wheelchairs and ambulances and carted away from the hospital...

She's just pissed because the King's "re-election" committee has told her to lay off the multi-million dollar vacations for the time being.

Michelle, is it true that you had to surrender your law license because you committed insurance fraud?

The Obama's and most of the "progressives" are very much capitalists when it comes to their own money. These rantings about how big others paychecks are are just red herrings attempting to cover their own greed. When you boil it all down what she's saying is that you little people are nowhere near worth what we are and for you to remember your place.

More to the point, I would love someone to find a single instance where Barack or Michelle -- at any point in their lives -- promoted the free market, individual liberty, competition and capitalism.

Truthfully, though I've read thousands of pages about the couple, I've never seen such an instance. Ever.


Anonymous said...

It might be a bit much to call her "evil" and "cold-hearted".
However, not only is it a bit much, but it is self-destroying. Any malconduct from any conservative is reflected by the media upon the entire party.
Nonetheless interesting

Ten Mile Island said...

Not too sure of the assertion of money saving Robinson's job.

The_Bad said...

Uhm, "a bit much"? "malconduct"?

Puh-lease. Cowtowing to these cold-hearted and evil people is part of the reason they are in power.

Keep calling them as you see them, Doug.