Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marxist-controlled EPA shuts down another innovative energy source

The EPA's plans to de-industrialize America continue apace.

Plans to build a southern Illinois power plant that would convert coal to synthetic natural gas are cloudier now that state environmental officials have denied the developers' request for a construction permit.

The Carbondale) Southern Illinoisan reports the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has turned down the permit request by Power Holdings LLC for the proposed plant near Waltonville in Jefferson County.

Power Holdings didn't immediately respond to The Associated Press' interview requests Tuesday... The project's backers have said it would create 1,500 construction jobs and 700 permanent positions, although the gas produced may be more expensive for customers.

Critics worry the plant's emissions would harm the environment.

In other words, all energy sources are off the table as far as the anti-civilization Leftists are concerned.

I would have a lot more faith in the EPA if their thousands of highly paid bureaucrats lived as they would have us live. That is, they forego all of the wonders offered by fossil fuels -- food, clothing, and travel by air and car, for starters.

They should be the guinea pigs for their own policies. And we'll see how they like living in the third-world country they seek.


Shayne said...

I think the question that needs to be answered is what will President Romney do to change this? Or will he do anything?

I am definitely about the ABO train (just for the security of the SCOTUS) and am actually finding Romney more and more palatable. But it still concerns me what difference he'll make in regards to these matters.

Ed Darrell said...

When EPA makes an action, the agency must say why.

Why was the permit denied?