Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More rats abandon ship: McCaskill, Tester announce unavailability to attend DNC because of pressing engagements to be named later

I find it hard to believe all of these polls that show President Obama leading or tied with Mitt Romney. It's not just because vintage media sucks and consistently oversamples moonbats. It's also because the President is radioactive for Dem pols in close races.

...Missouri senator Claire McCaskill, may well skip the Democratic convention in September. For those keeping score, this brings the the number of Democrats avoiding their own party’s convention like the plague, to at least eight. Last week, Michelle Malkin reported on what she labeled the Tarheel trainwreck: The coming DNC disaster:

…at least seven Democratic officials will skip Obama-palooza: New York Democratic Reps. Bill Owens and Kathy Hochul; Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Mark Critz; three endangered Democratic politicians from West Virginia, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, Sen. Joe Manchin, and Rep. Nick Rahall; and Utah Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson.

The Democratic boycotters have dinged Obama on everything from his election-year illegal alien amnesty power grab to his failed jobs programs to his destructive war on coal. While “Forward!” may be the official Obama campaign slogan, “Back Away!” is quickly becoming the dissenting Democrats’ rallying cry.

And then there were nine. Turns out Montana's faux conservative Democrat, Jon Tester, just bailed out as well.

Oh, and another reason that I don't trust the polls: the fact that Obama is barely beating unknown convicted felons in Democrat primaries. You know, that can't be a good sign.


Katielee4211 said...

My experience/impression with Tester during a Townhall meeting, is he is a lockstep walker with the Dem caucus. Not once did he stray from the Dem talking points, even when it made no sense in context to the question. He's an insider wannabe.
It's important for the Dem's to win back the majority in the House and keep it in the Senate. Even with a Romney win, if they have the majorities in Congress, they will hamstring everything the Republican's try to do. Makes me wonder if these desertions are Dem political tactics.

Jim - PRS said...

If, Obama wins (God, I hope not), being the vindictive bastard that he is, he will make those absent dems pay, big time.

The_Bad said...

Laughingly, the only answer to this from The Smartest President Evah™ is to piss and moan about being outspent. Doug would have easier access to all the links about Zero's campaign funds from 2008 ... another story altogether.

Yet, the first TV ad I have seen for the 2012 Presidential election has been from SCOAMF Himself (peace be upon Him).


Anonymous said...

Observation: they're all white...