Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: After SCOTUS slap-down, Obama responds by punishing law enforcement

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Arizona Decision

After SCOTUS slap-down, Obama punishes law enforcement: MenRec
Arizona Sheriff: "If ICE Won’t Come Get Them...": WZ
Obama to Court: Drop Dead: AmSpec

Administration Refuses To Aid AZ With Immigration Checks: Ace
Obama is now at war with state and local law enforcement: Scoop
Justice Scalia scolds Obama in Dissent: Riehl


Ask Not What Obama Can Do for You in His Campaign…: RWN
Obama 'Brownshirts' Bill Now Working Through Senate: HySci
House to vote Thursday on holding Holder in contempt: Twitchy

Obama’s Oath of Obfuscation: Babalu
The Kagan recusal footnote to the upcoming Obamacare ruling: LI
Obamacare Prediction Thread: Ace

Will recount give GOP WI Senate via ballot recall mistake?: Riehl
New Black Panthers Threaten Whitey on Twitter: GWP
ACLU teaching illegal aliens how to avoid detection in AZ: Gibson


Adelson Is Evil – But Soros and Labor Unions Aren’t?: RWN
Wealthy Americans Jumping Obama's Ship: FreedomWorks
White House Spending $2.5MM To Run Ads For Food Stamps: WZ

Half a Trillion Dollars Spent on Welfare Left Poverty Levels Unchanged: CNS
$80B a year for food stamps, but feds won’t reveal what’s purchased: Times
Obamacare Increases Income Inequality: RCP

Obama Camp Refuses To Pay Police For Visit: S&L
Chicago Fed: Economic Growth Slowed in May: CalcRisk
The 7 Safest Banks in America: 24/7 Wall St.

Scandal Central

ATF leader’s email could be Fast and Furious smoking gun and Holder admitted Obama can’t shield it: Caller
Lying liars and the ‘furious’ lies they tell: Times
House Dem: ‘Inappropriate’ to ask me questions after lobbyist fundraiser: Exam

Climate & Energy

Inspector General to Investigate EPA Enforcement: Foundry
Climate change: About that massive ice melt … yeah, never mind: Q&O
Latest global warming scare report: If you live on the east coast, put on waders now: Malkin


Krugman's Follies: City Journal
As Obama’s political troubles multiply, the “racism” excuse begins to emerge: Conservatory
New tone: Tolerant Left spews slurs, wishes Justice Scalia be put on ‘kill list,’ hopes other Justices die: Twitchy

A cryptic, anonymous note to the Obama campaign at Redstate: Riehl
MSM Scrambles to Deceive Readers about Arizona Court Ruling: PunditPress
Aaron Walker SWATted: Patterico

The Best Quotes From “Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin”: RWN
AP Relays Dem Press Release on DNC Move; Bloomberg Revealed Likely Reason (Money) Earlier: NB
Obama Hits 100th Fundraiser Of The Year…: WZ


Send the bill to La Raza: Mom charged $50 to clean street after son killed by drunk illegal alien: WyBlog
After an Israeli strike on Iran: Pipes
A Hamas victory at the UN Human Rights Council: JPost

Hillary Clinton's Hidden Ties To Egypt's New Muslim Brotherhood President: JoshuaPundit
Egypt’s new president.: Chicago Boyz
Sinai, Gaza Terror Threats Escalate: IPT

The EU Cannot Hold Together: P&F
The Consequences Of The Unthinkable: Here Is What Happens When The Euro Breaks Up: ZH
Cyprus bailout cost may be half its economy: JPost


Microsoft job listing hints at future in-car systems: Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Kinect integration: Verge
Higher vocabulary ~ higher income: Discover
Here Is How To Turn Off Facebook's Creepy New Find Friends Nearby Feature: Insider


A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week; off to a bad start: MOTUS
samson agonistes .... a tragic poem, by john milton ....: Winter Soldier
New Super PAC, “Special Operations Speaks” Emerges To Defeat Obama: Nice Deb

Image: NPR Reports FBI Investigating more than 100 Suspected Islamic Extremists Within Military
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QOTD: "...we have an Administration which ran an illegal operation designed to further regulate and therefore diminish American citizens' constitutional right to bear arms ; when the scheme resulted in the death of 200 Mexicans and at least one and possibly two U.S. agents, it lied repeatedly under oath about it; and the White House was involved in the efforts illegally to cover it up.

As the great Iowahawk tweeted, it's 'Watergate with toe tags.'" --Clarice Feldman

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