Friday, June 15, 2012

In 2011 President Obama Made the Case for His Own Impeachment Over Today's Actions

Remind me, if you would, which article of the Constitution authorizes the president to declare valid laws null and void. As CDN reminds us, President Obama himself said he did not have the power to stop deporting illegal immigrants by Executive Order as recently as last year.

President Obama’s executive order to halt the deportation of certain illegal immigrants, essentially ignoring separation of powers and legislating from the executive, is sure to be called a cynical act of “pandering” in an election year. But it is far, far worse than that.

[It is c]ompelling and conclusive video shows that the president is knowingly and willfully violating The Constitution of the United States and his Oath of Office.

President Obama at a Univision town hall in March 2011 literally says he cannot suspend deportations by executive order. He even gives an explanation about how laws are made in the United States before stating that ignoring the laws would not be an appropriate thing for him to do as president.

His exact quote: "With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through Executive Order, that's just not the case... we have three branches of government. Congress passes the law and the Executive Branch is to enforce and implement those laws... There are enough laws on the books that are very clear on how we have to enforce our immigration system -- that, for me, through Executive Order, to simply ignore those Congressional mandates -- would not conform with my appropriate role as President."

And in the current economic environment, as Kimberly Dvorak puts it, Obama is:

...pitting unemployed Americans against a critically important voting block Mr. Obama needs to ensure reelection, Hispanics. With the swipe of his Presidential pen, Obama announced that “younger illegal immigrants” are eligible for deferment on deportation and will get work visas... However, the defacto “amnesty” orders bypassed Congress, is effective immediately and will set up key immigration promises for the hotly contested presidential race... [GOP Nominee Mitt Romney said] that an Executive Order doesn’t mean it won’t be overturned.

And precisely which benefits will these newly minted demi-citizens be eligible for?

Great. 800,000 more people who won't find work in Obama's America. Are they immediately eligible for unemployment compensation and food stamps?

Bet you can't guess why Barry's doing this... Votes! He's pandering as fast as he can. There must've been a poll saying Latinos were gravtiating to Romney. So it's time to give 'em free stuff! C'mon in fellas, Uncle Sam wants unemployed Mexicans! Don't forget to move to Florida and register to vote.

And let's not forget what this means to every legal immigrant and those who are painstakingly following the process.

That's right: Obama's actions are a slap in the face to all legal immigrants.

Obama's dismissal of our nation's laws is an outrage. Congress must take action to stop his imperial and near dictatorial actions. And Democrats, too, should oppose his acts. After all, the next Republican President could have quite a set of precedents to follow.

Hat tip: BadBlue.


BS Footprint said...

If he doesn't, why should we? (Obey laws, that is)

Bones said...

Since there are no records kept, every illegal immigrant under 30 (or says they are) come under this amnesty. Including those that arrive in the future. This is another flim flam intended to pander to the left and divert attention from the economy.

QueMan said...

I actually blame President Ronald Regan for this illegal mess...if he didn't cave in and be more like President Eisenhower we wouldn't be in this mess today....

(and yes I know first hand how ins treats LEGAL IMMIGRANTS...not very well like they do with illegals!!!)

Unknown said...

nice written