Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oops: USA Today Photographer Accidentally Captures Secret Obama SuperPAC Plans on Whiteboard

A recent USA Today piece on Democrat SuperPAC "American Bridge" accidentally captured the white board in the conference room at their headquarters.*

Notice where their biggest priorities are:

1st Tier: IN, MA, MO, VA, OH, WI
2nd Tier: FL, ND, AZ, NM, MT, NV
3rd Tier: MI, ME, NE

And who is "American Bridge"? It's a super PAC created by anti-religion Media Matters founder David Brock and has teamed up with Priorities USA Action, another hard Left super PAC blessed by the Obama campaign.

Now we see that American Bridge has its sights set on at least 15 states, and we have evidence of how they have prioritized them. The Democrats' official war on religion is summarized by @RBPundit:

As we know, ObamaCare's attacks on religious liberty have caused an uproar among Catholics specifically. Catholic organizations are fighting back and, coincidentally, David Brock's SuperPAC is going after Catholic politicians more than any other group. Recently, American Bridge formed a  joint fundraising committee with another pro-Obama SuperPAC called Priorities USA. Priorities USA is run by former Obama Deputy Press Secretary, Bill Burton. But all those connections to Obama's White House and ObamaCare are simply coincidences.

The way these pro-Obama super PACs are supposedly working together is that Priorities is cutting ads/making ad buys, and American Bridge is doing the opposition research and message development. So Media Matters founder David Brock, who has been embroiled in scandal for the last four months and whose organization was founded to root out and exterminate "conservative Christian bias," now has official ties to the Obama reelection effort through this joint fundraising committee, and it should surprise no one if anti-Mormon bias drives lefty super PAC efforts going forward.

Bottom line: if you live in Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, North Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, Michigan, Maine, or Nebraska, David Brock and the anti-religion creeps at American Bridge/Media Matters are coming for your state.

Hat tip: Rodeo Clown.

* I can assure you that the aforementioned photographer was not Biff Spackle operating deep, deep, deep undercover.


Reliapundit said...

staged. disinfo. the participants are all looking down: they knew what the photographer was doing and why.

Anonymous said...

Two words:

"Operation Mincemeat"

Matthew W said...

According to liberals:
Conservative Super PACs = BAD !!!
Liberal Super PACs = GOOD!!

Hypocrisy of the left again

Anonymous said...

"... the participants are all looking down: they knew what the photographer was doing and why."

That's because even the left is tired of his lame game.

Anonymous said...

"the participants are all looking down: they knew what the photographer was doing and why."

People are constantly looking down at their iPhones, iPads and whatever other electronic gizmos keep their attention level at zero.

Anonymous said...

After her vote for Obamacare, Claire McCaskill of Missouri is toast....

Trialdog said...

White college miseducated white boring white dullards white single kids who happen to be white and utterly devoid of any excitement in their white monochromatic white lives.

Peace. Celebrate diversity!

Anonymous said...

This is great! It looks like they've abandoned Iowa already. Now maybe this steady parade of politicians will stop.