Monday, June 25, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Bones of Fast and Furious: Hillary Clinton Deeply Involved in the Operation?

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The Bones of Fast and Furious: Hillary Clinton Deep In It?: MagNote
Obama and the Kingdom of the Concrete Skull: Feldman
Issa: House will vote Holder in contempt: Hill

Obama’s Justice: Upside-down: RWN
Public Comments on the Obama Administration’s “Accommodation”: Foundry
The Cult of Obama: Knish


With fate of Obamacare in question, HHS cranks up pace of spending: Malkin
Biggest Urban Bankruptcy in US History Coming Tuesday?: Mead
Jim Rogers: European Bailouts May Lead to Another World War: MoneyNews

Obama for America stiffing Durham, NH for… $30,000. Wait, WHAT?: RS
Obama plays 101st round as president: Hill
Should Tenure for College Professors Be Abolished?: WSJ

First they came for the donor lists …: DC
Public Pensions: Social Security Comparison: Conservatory
Be afraid: Some in U.S. see shades of 2008 in euro crisis: Reuters

Scandal Central

Video: Green-tech stimulus recipient went broke … a second time: Hot Air
What Could Be In Those Fast And Furious Documents That Has Obama And Holder Scared?: Waznmentobe
Democratic Corruption: Does Diane Feinstein Belong In A Cell Next To Duke Cunningham?: Hawkins


Missing the point on Fast and Furious: Hot Air
Most of the Truth About Obama’s Business International ‘Embellishments’ Was Out There — In 2005: Bizzy
Jon Stewart rips Obama Over Executive Privilege: C4P

Michelle Malkin Forces Howard Kurtz To Publicly “Say Soopermexican”: Sooper
Pelosi Dishonors the House: Post
DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz Getting Booted: Shark Tank

A personal note: Evacuated from Waldo Canyon Fire; Update: Sunset and smoke, 3,600 acres destroyed: Malkin
Trey Gowdy doubles down: Pelosi needs to see mental health professional: Scoop
Obama Coburn Friendship: MagNote


Great Job Hillary & Obama! Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi wins Egypt’s presidential race: Bruce
Russia and China Unify Further: Loudon
Egypt's liberals say US wants to sway vote results: BizWk

Egyptian Zombie Apocalypse: NoisyRm
Egypt Falls to the Muslim Brotherhood: The Muslim Crescent Greener on Obama’s Watch: CDN
Allen West calls on president to cut off aid to egypt and repudiate Muslim Brotherhood: Scoop

Glenn Beck Blasts NYT's Brooks for Mocking His Muslim Prediction After Egypt Was 'Liberated' Last Year: NB
Israeli News Blames Barack Obama For Muslim Brotherhood’s Rise to Power: GWP
Islamic onslaught continues: 30 rockets fired into Israel on Sabbath: Atlas


Microsoft Surface: a gentle kick in the teeth of the OEMs: Ars Technica
Three awesome-sounding on-ear headphones: CNet
Patching Goes Up in Flames: Dark Reading


More Inappropriate Children’s Books: iOTW
Romney Cushion: Sunny TV (Language Warning)
The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style: CFP (Hagmann)

Image: "Michelle Halpain, a volunteer with President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, joins fellow democrats marching in San Francisco's 42nd annual gay pride parade on Sunday, June 24, 2012. Organizers say more than 200 floats, vehicles and groups of marchers will take part in the parade. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)"
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Fast and Furious protest on White House North Lawn set for July 2nd

QOTD: "Last week we witnessed Obama playing Robin Hood by casting aside immigration law and transparency to the jubilant cheers of the media, whose fondest wish is for politicians to play Robin Hood, cut all the Gordian Knots and just carry out their agenda without regard for the law. That is what they wanted, that is what they got. But a lawless society cuts both ways and takes the system out of the protection of the law.

Law is impartial. It states absolute principles that apply regardless of faction and position. But in a lawless society, there is no law, only power. The left has ushered in a lawless society, but we will all have to live with the consequences." --Daniel Greenfield

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