Friday, May 21, 2010

BP to construct massive mosque over Gulf oil spill site in hopes of plugging leak, plus to 'stay on the President's good side'

NEW ORLEANS (ASSOCIATED DEPRESSED) - BP intends to build one of the world's most massive mosques in order to "kill two birds with one stone", according to Vice President of Lubrication Services Harvey Von Frostie. The mission of the construction project includes stopping the leak, which was caused by a tragic accident on April 20th, as well as "ensuring we stay on the administration's good side."

At a press conference late Thursday afternoon, Von Frostie assured reporters that the project would be relatively "uncontroversial compared to the Mosque currently being constructed at Ground Zero."

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Image: PhotoFurl. Linked by: Michelle Malkin and Doug Powers. Thanks!

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hard drive media player said...

This Masjid look so nice.They constructed very nice masjid for people its very perfect one.I am very glad about this one Its so nice one for me.

Anonymous said...

is this supposed to be funny?

so fucking dumb, man.

directorblue said...

@Anonymous, it seems funny to me and I'm the only person who counts, you pencil-necked twerp!