Sunday, May 16, 2010

Top 20 posts for the last 30 days

I'm experimenting with a potential new feature (try and contain your excitement). Based upon a Google Analytics report, the following list represents the most viewed posts over the last 30 days.

1. Check out the Carbon Footprint of Al Gore's New Ocean-View Mediterranean Villa (68,082 views)
2. Obama's Katrina -- an illustrated timeline (14,209 views)
3. The 8 Most Terrifying Holes on Earth (3,943 views)
4. A Baby Boomer's Time Machine (3,866 views)
5. I'm Sorry -- Obama Voters Express Their Regrets (3,176 views)
6. Remind me again -- why can't I get a job? (3,128 views)
7. 1995 Obama interview surfaces: predicted economic fall of USA and--heh--decried racial politics (3,126 views)
8. Elena Kagan's Thesis in 90 Seconds: She Must Be Blocked. (3,046 views)
9. It's Just That Simple (2,854 views)
10. Don Rickles Roasts Congress (2,541 views)
11. Another Soviet-style performance: Obama's NASA speech was completely staged (2,402 views)
12. Redaction boo-boo reveals Blago's secret dealings with President Obama (2,339 views)
13. To be (a lawyer) or not to be... (2,260 views)
14. Bank for International Settlements: Brace for Impact (2,150 views)
15. Good News: EPA will fine you $35,000 if you replace 10 windows in your own home 'incorrectly' (2,050 views)
16. The Secret Scrapbook of Barry Soetero Barack Obama (1,974 views)
17. Counter Revolution (1,797 views)
18. Things are tough all over -- Luxury Cars Abandoned in Dubai (1,786 views)
19. Change: In '08, Obama stated Israel a "constant sore" that "infects... foreign policy" (1,698 views)
20. Don't Cry for Me, America (1,666 views)

To all six of my regular readers: please let me know whether you find this a useful feature or not. Danke.


Randy-g said...

You now have seven regulars.

Dale Brumfield said...

Make that 8, Doug. I like the feature - gives me a chance to catch up if I miss one

Reliapundit said...


Unknown said...

It looks useful to me, but I like useless things sometimes too.

Tarien Cole said...

You have at least nine by the looks of things. Which is more than I usually have :P

And I like this as a monthly feature sorta thing. Interesting how many of those stories originated at Redstate.

suek said...

Pointless. I read _all_ your posts - how many others read them is irrelevant. As Shawn says, though, a monthly roundup might be a good idea - just in case I miss one...!

suek said...


How about a running total top ten? No time limit...

It _would_ make it a lot easier to find the nuggets after they've disappeared back into the archives...

vermindust said...

I find this information to be utterly useless and a waste of my time. Can you extend it to thirty items? The "luxury cars abandoned in Dubai" was one of my favorites.

Chisum said...

Yes! I like it!

Kathy from Kansas said...

Doug Ross,

You are a national treasure, your blog is superb, and I am continually frustrated that more people don't know about you. I do my little part by forwarding lots of your brilliant posts to all my email contacts, giving full credit to you and including a link to your site.

All I can say is you are absolutely INDISPENSABLE. You deserve to be one of the Top 20 Political Blogs, period.

Bookdoc said...

I'd like to see a most commented on list,

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

#10 here.
Yes, the feature is of value to busy people who just might miss one of the better post during the week. Barrack is a busy man ya' know.

feeblemind said...

I like it.