Saturday, May 15, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Eric Holder Must Go

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Eric Holder Must Go: GWP
Our busted deportation system strikes again: Malkin
Muslims Building Super-Mosque At Ground Zero: Ace

Let it Burn: AT
Team Obama Will Delay Terror Hearings: RWN
‘Left-Wing Epistemic Closure’: Driscoll


Urgent action is required to reduce the debt and deficit: Blankley
The Health Insurers' Faustian Bargain: AT
Support AZ as it feels the heat from boycotts: Hot Air

Crony Capitalism in Chicago: AT
GM in line for another $10B of your money: BlogProf
20-year-old patriot exposes Posen park scandal: SouthTownStar

Climate & Energy

Cap and Scam: Harsanyi
The Heartland Climate Conference Smear Campaign Begins: AT
Canuckistan to Ban Ki-Moonbat: GTFO: CBullitt


Distorting the Truth About Crime and Race - The New York Times is at it again: City Journal
Incompetence with a capital 'H': Shayne
Beltway Elites Hate It When the People Speak: RWN

Sarah Palin's Speech in Chicago: AnotherBlackCon
Donald Berwick: Obama's Medicare/Medicaid nominee on video: Durden
Thought experiment: the most lame administration ever: GM's Place

2005 Kid’s Bush/Hitler Art Gets Award, 2010 Kid’s Obama/Commie Art Gets Censored: RWN
Krugman Lying About Greece and U.S.: Stossel
Palin: 'Mama Grizzlies Will Take Back America': Breitbart


Obama's Known of Al-Qaeda Ties with Iran for a Year, but Still No Action: PJM
Return to the Abyss: Roubini
Che and the Workers: AT

The Immigration Issue Is Not About Racism: Chesler
President of UN General Assembly: Gaza Siege Is Worse Than Nazi Death Camps: GWP
Secure Western Civilization: Lt. Col. Allen West


The Ammo Shortage Continues: PJM incident report for 04/09/2010: Apache Infrastructure Team
Postal-themed PDF Spam: Sophos


Elena Kagan to be Played by Rachel Dratch on SNL?: Cube
iOwnTheWorld Weekly Roundup, May 15th, 2010: iOTW
HS B-Ball Boycotter’s Controversial Past: S&L

Image: People's Cube
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QOTD: "The Branch Davidians in Waco could have saved themselves a s***load of trouble if they had just claimed to be radical enviromentalists." -- Me. Just now. (backstory)

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Do you think Eric Holder should be kicked out of office ?