Thursday, May 20, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Dems' November Hopes Hang on PA-12

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Election 2010

Dems' November Hopes Hang on PA-12: RWN
PA-12: The Final Wisdom: RSM
Top 5 lessons from Tuesday: Barone

Democrats counting 2010 chickens: Moran
Sandy Berger’s Boy Spanks Specter: Cashill
The Obama Touch Continues: Moonbattery


Senate Storm Warning: Blankley
America's Death by Professor: AT
Kagan: Shill for Shariah?: BigGovt

Congress about to limit political speech of bloggers?: Hot Air
Immigration and liberty: Williams
Black Panther Thug on Philadelphia Ballot: RWN


GOP: Investigate Bailed-Out Chicago Bank: Corner
Fight Illegal Immigration: Buy From Arizona: PJM
Obamaitis: Spend more, raise taxes: Tapscott

Climate & Energy

Oil "Seeps": Nature's Biggest Oil Spills: RedCounty
Global Warming Cooling Is Here! Protect The Children!: RWN
US top scientists urge coal, oil use penalties: Breitbart


Michelle Obama: Using schoolkids as plants?: S&L
Obama is kicking the dog: AT
We'd Better Get Better -- In a Hurry: IBD

Cartoons to Die For: LATL
Call Me a Racist? I'll Call You a Serial Killer: Langbert
Ratigan: Beck a 'Scumbag': NewsBusters


Top Obama Officials Now Calling Jerusalem 'Al-Quds': GWP
Mexican President Bashes AZ ID Law from White House Lawn: GWP
Obama Administration’s Iranian Sanctions Plan: Law Enforcement, Not Strategic Power: BRubin

Israel and Gaza: How True Anti-Semitism is embraced: Shayne
Obama Advisor John Brennan Says Team Obama Will Reach Out to 'Moderate' Elelments of Hezbollah: GWP
My head might just explode tonight: Daley


Google Wave: Now Open to the Public: CNet
Earliest known U.S. Census tally found at Kean University: WyBlog
Hey Facebook! Here's your privacy redesign: Fortune


Potty Break Posting: MOTUS
Hosted by Twittoo: Dlisted
Softball-sized hail goes to town on swimming pool: Viral Footage

Image: Maktoob.
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QOTD: "I hope that nobody forgets to Mirandize Eric Holder when he's apprehended." -- Bad Idea Guy

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