Thursday, May 13, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Conservative. But Also Republican.

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Conservative. But Also Republican.: RedState
Illegal Immigration Proponents Support Slavery: RWN
Judge Richard Posner vs. Academic Elena Kagan: BigGovt

Obama: Information is Bad: RWN
How Much Does A Federal Judgeship Cost? $432,000: LegalIns
L.A. to boycott AZ; time to turn off the lights?: GWP


Depression 2010?: Samuelson
Obama’s First Stealth EFCA Styled Rules Implementation: RWN
How to Pay Down the Debt: Pethokoukis

A New and Powerful Lawsuit on ObamaCare: Volokh
Dems reject 5% down payments as too much: IBD
Free markets help the poor more: Williams

Climate & Energy

Cap & Trade is Back: Pundette
Kerry-Lieberman Bill an Economy Killer: PJM
Welcome to the Era of Expensive Energy: AT


Profile of Elena Kagan: DiscoverTheNetworks
Whoa: Even MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Derides Obama for 'Pseudo' Kagan Interview: NewsBusters
Oh good grief: TV cooking queen Ray meets with obese Senator on fighting childhood obesity: BlogProf

Kagan Finally Caught on Tape Saying Something Important…Damn, Barack Obama is Awesome: Verum Serum
Kagan, Obama, and the Harvard Legacy of Literary Fraud: Cashill
'Manchurian' smear misfires: Cashill


Pattern of Death: Belmont
Obama fiddles, a rogue schemes: The U.S. strategy toward North Korea leaves us in danger: Bolton
Quebec Says ‘Non’ to the Niqab: PJM

Muslim Student Association Member: We Need Another Holocaust: GWP
Dancing with the Devil: David Cameron's Path to Power: AT
Despite Harsh Words From Obama & Chavez, Americans Broadly Support AZ Immigration Law: GWP


Create your own talking avatar: OddCast
SMS case study - Times of Northwest Indiana newspaper: MobileMarketer
Cougars Beware: Guardian


You Can't Make This Up: Congress Ponders 'Potty Parity' Act : JWF
Drunk Germans + Playground Toy + Motorcycle = Awesome FAIL: Ace
Farrell pitches for Round Rock: 1360 KKTX

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portable media player said...

If the story is true, its bad for the regime. The article says that Pakistan has had since March, and neither the State nor the defense knew until ten days ago. Even after the State has been informed that they forgot to tell Hillary and he insulted the Pakistanis in their level of cooperation in 60 minutes yesterday.
portable media player