Saturday, May 22, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Sessions is right -- John Morton, head of ICE, you're fired

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Sessions is Right - ICE Chief John Morton: You’re Fired: RWN
Awesome: Brewer's TV Ads Rip Administration Officials: GWP
Chicago Mayor Daley Threatens to Shoot Reporter: NewsBusters

The Shady ShoreBank Bailout: Malkin
Where the hell is Cass Sunstein?: FrumForum
The Covert Influence of the Communist Party USA : NewZeal


Has the first public sector union domino fallen?: LegalIns
The real reason public pensions are imploding: Insider
Block Grants Forever: Malanga

$10 billion for a $100 million investment: GWP
SEIU thugs descend on banker's home, terrifying boy: Hot Air
The CLASS Act is a ticking debt time bomb: Trautwein

32 States Borrow $37.8B for Unemployment Payments: Mish
Who Will Bail Us Out?: RWN
Central Falls, RI is Bankrupt: Mish

Climate & Energy

Princeton Scientist Tells Congress: Increased CO2 Good for Mankind: Depot
Say, About That Sea Level Rise Meme...: RWN
Videos from the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change: Heartland


Obama: He’s Better than Teflon — He’s a Democrat: PJM
On the Falsehood of ‘The Vital Center’: RSM
Crist: Pass Amnesty for Illegals to 'Save' Social Security: BlogProf

The Quintessential Tom Friedman: Maryland Conservatarian
WSB-TV Atlanta: Large numbers of Muslim terrorists coming over the southern border: TAB
Obama administration: Picking and choosing the laws it enforces: Marathon

Our Anti-Religious, Anti-American, Arrogant Schools: RWN
Blumenthal and the Liars' Party: AT
The 'Chicago Way' Goes Nationwide: CDOBS


How bad is Obama's foreign policy? Let us count the ways: PJM
Nuclear Proliferation Gone Wild: Peters
Obama Allows Russia To Sell Deadly Weaponry To Iran: LogMon

Obama's Lazy Tribue to Daniel Pearl: Steyn
Mexican President Attacks Second Amendment: RWN
Cuba backs Dems against Arizona: Moonbattery


AT&T's new early-termination fee for the iPhone: $325: CNet
Android 2.2's Froyo goodness hitting the Nexus One already?: Engadget
Chupacabra!: Sun


Inappropriate Golden Books – Movies R’ Fun: iOwnTheWorld
I'm doing fine, mum! Unborn baby's 'thumbs up' from the womb: Daily Mail
The Council Has Spoken: Watcher of Weasels

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Bones said...

After absorbing all the rotten stuff this week from the union thugs to immigration and the horrible spectacle of the Mexican president. I can't help but wonder how any tax paying, America loving believer in the rule of law, can continue to be a member of the Democratic party.

directorblue said...

Bones -- Indeed.