Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: PA-12: Democrat Wins -- Tim Burns Concedes

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Election 2010

PA-12: Democrat Wins -- Tim Burns Concedes: RSM
Rand Paul the winner of KY primary: LCR
Specter Defeated: Weasel Zippers

Lincoln faces a runoff: AnBlackCon
Democrats and Vote Fraud: On the Road to Rigged Elections: AT
No Politician is Safe: Podhoretz


Rising Star Stutzman to Replace Souder?: RWN
Dems Can Kiss Connecticut Senate Seat Goodbye: Strata-Sphere
Major speech on shrinking U.S. seapower gets ignored: PJM

DOJ Attorney Resigns Over Black Panther Debacle: WashExam
Van Helsing Government-Applied Medical Informatics: RWN
Ohio Dem Senate nominee avoiding Obama?: Marathon


The Dog ate Obama's Plan for GSE Reform: WashExam
AZ Utilities Rep to L.A.: Enjoy Your Boycott in the Dark: GWP
Obama Madoff with Our Tax Dollars: AT

Climate & Energy

Leak Proves Spain's 'Green' Policies — a model for Obama — are Disastrous: PJM
The EPA's Creative New Ways to Spend Your Money: BlogProf
And The Front-Runner For AGW Counter ICCC Hysteria Is…: CBullitt


The U.S. Department of Blame America First: Malkin
WTF? Obama says beheading of Daniel Pearl by Jihadists 'captured the world's imagination': BlogProf
Waking Up to Urbane Anti-Semitism: AT

Strap-On and Strap-On Junior Go After Beck and Goldline: Mediaite
The Left, bogus war stories, and the NYTimes: Malkin
BBC Middle East Editor: Watching Obama Slap Around Israel Is 'Enjoyable New Experience': MereRhet


'Kill these all KAFIR': Malkin
Women Come to Blows Over the Burqa in France: Chesler
Pope Benedict in Portugal: Christians, Answer to Secularism is to Re-Evangelise World: LifeSiteNews

All Hell Breaking Loose in Thailand: Stock Exchange Set Afire: Insider
That's Right, China, America Does Have a Discrimination Problem: Feed Your ADHD
State Dept. Kook Defends Kook Who Apologized to China for AZ Immigration Law : GWP


Suppress Free Speech? There's an App For That!: GWP
Apple Denies GOP Candidate's Bid for iPhone App -- 'Defamatory' of Powerful Dem Henry Waxman: PJM


Rima Fakih is Gorgeous; That is All :Anchoress
Miss USA courts controversy with Muslim faith: Maktoob
Who Burned the Second Temple?: TAB

Original Image: AP.
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