Friday, May 11, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Mr. Obama Supports Gay Marriage. Big Whoop.

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Mr. Obama Supports Gay Marriage. Big Whoop.: Koch's Tour
Trayvon’s Story Made Famous for the Wrong Reasons: RWN
Obama Has Written Off the Evangelical Vote: AmSpec

Non-Union Retirees Shafted in Auto Bailouts Told to Get Jobs: NLPC
Obama's Sordid High School Past: Breitbart
Black voters in NC supported Amendment One by 2-1 margin: JWF


White House Lied, Jobs Died: Malkin
1%-ers Clooney and Obama jam L.A. traffic; 99%-ers revolt: Twitchy
Christie Vetoes Obamacare Exchange for NJ: WyBlog

Obama jokes with Clooney at star’s gala fundraiser: DC
Obama: Sometimes I forget about the recession...: WZ
House cuts $310 billion, but Senate passage is unlikely: Dallas

Scandal Central

Issa to Holder: ‘Fast and Furious will be your legacy’: DC
142 House Democrats Join Republicans Against Holder: Nice Deb
If You’re Too Incompetent or Lazy to Get ID, Don’t Vote: Hawkins

Climate & Energy

Sierra Club launches another war on civilization: Elephant


Was John Lauber Really Gay?: AmPower
Glenn Beck on the lies that Barack Hussein Obama has told about his past: Scoop
Georgia Gov. Signs Bill Allowing 10 Commandments Posted at all Public Bldgs: RWN

Rape of the Lock: Ace
Time's Ridiculous Cover Ridiculed: Sooper
WV Mayor: I Wouldn't Vote for Obama if He Was the Last Man in the World: Beacon

Did The Wash Post Report a 5,000-Word Expose on Obama's Cocaine Use In the Last Cycle?: NB
WaPo Changes Romney Hit Piece, Doesn't Issue Correction: Breitbart
WaPo’s “Mitt the Bully” piece runs into problems: Patterico


Pathetic: Obama Says Military Fights “On His Behalf”: RWN
Would You Take an SUV into Combat?: Foundry
Muslim site tells children become Muslim in secret, tell parents later: Creeping

Mark Levin: We were fed propaganda, there was no CIA double agent!: Scoop
Jihad Comes to Egypt: Islamists Expose Their True Face Before Elections: Ibrahim
They Linger On and They Suffer Not...: Winter Soldier


Facebook's IPO said to have more demand than shares available: CNet
JP Morgan Announces $2 Billion In Losses, Chiefly Due To Account Used To Protect Against Risks: Ace
FBI Fears Bitcoin’s Popularity with Criminals: Wired


Agents Find 2 Guns, No Art at Alleged Gangster's Connecticut Home: ABC
Where is the balance?: Erickson
'The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy': C&S

Image: Rush Limbaugh
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "In sum, a mentor of the current president of the United States was a Communist —and not only a party member, but an actual propagandist for Stalin’s USSR, a man who unceasingly demonized Democratic presidents and their policies and cherished ideals. Even in World War II, Davis was on the wrong side: He was flatly pro-Soviet and anti-American.

If you feel like you’ve been duped, or at least deprived of some significant background information about the man who is now the elected leader of the free world, you can thank our shameless, woefully biased media for failing to do its job." --Paul Kengor

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