Sunday, May 06, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Ten Reasons to Impeach Eric Holder

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Ten Reasons to Impeach Eric Holder: FPM
Rogue Democrats Loot Detroit As Nation Sleeps: Mead
The More Precise Life of Julia: Frank J.

Anarchy 101: Wisconsin's Leftists Embrace Violence, Chaos: GWP
Occupiers Storm Boston Tea Party Rally: Loudon
Michelle Says We Are "Blessed" to Have Barack: RWN


CME The Most Powerful Company in the World: P&F
Romney: Welcome To Ohio, Champ. Where Are The Jobs?: Cove
Obama 2008 battles Obama 2012: WZ

Rampant Fraud: 2.2MM Claim Disability Since 2010: Mish
How the Public School Creates Big Government Democrats: C4P
A Better Life for Julia: Foundry

2012 Elections

Dems Unworried About Drop in Latino Voter Registration: Sooper
British Media Does the Job U.S. Journalists Refuse to Do: Breitbart
“Julia”: Obama marketing machine fail: LI

Not #ReadyToGo? Hashtag Doesn't Fill OH Arena for Obama: RSM
Obama may release dead Bin-Laden photos to help his re-election bid: FAM
Obama’s auditorium so empty that ushers moved people at the rally ‘in order for seats to look full for TV': WZ

Scandal Central

Few actions, minimal compliance from Holder on Fast and Furious subpoena: DC
Is Fast and Furious the Next Watergate?: Caruba
This Congressman Thinks Solyndra Makes Cars: Fox Nation

Climate & Energy

Only Obama Stands in the Way: TransCanada Reapplies For Presidential Permit to Build Keystone: GWP
Inhofe: Panetta Global Warming Remarks Show Need for More Congressional Oversight: CFP
About Those Heartland Billboards That Made The Warmists Insane.: Cove


Bill Maher: Real Comedian: Powers
It’s rather strange that Obama’s composite girlfriend matches Bill Ayers’s real one: Bookworm Room
Think Progress Ridiculous Soft Focus Pics Hide Low Obama Turnout: Sooper

The New York Times prepares its readers for the loss of Ohio.: Moe Lane
Real time center-right news – it’s Bad Blue!: Radio Patriot
The Life Of Peter, Julia’s Sperm Donor: RWN


Top General: Obama Knew About OBL's Hideout in Mid-2010 – Refused to Act Until May 2011: GWP
Former AG: Obama had memo drafted to blame military if Bin Laden assassination failed: Matzav
Obama’s Afghan War Unhindered by Partisan Fights: RWN

Reset: Russia Considers Preemptive Strike Against U.S.-Led Missile System in Europe: AmPower
Nashville: 3 convicted, 6 acquitted in Somali sex trafficking case: Creeping
Sarkozy faces defeat as France heads to polls: Reuters

Lawmaker Questions FBI Materials Purge: IPT
Terror-linked ISNA invades Tampa to re-elect Obama: Creeping
So, the UN Wants the U.S. to Return Land to Indian Tribes…: Rosett

IKEA scandal only one of many examples of slave labor in Cuba: Babalu
China's Population Poised to Crash in Perfect Demographic Storm: Mish
Anonymous lashes out at Activision following Call of Duty trailer: GlobPost


Everyone Has Been Hacked. Now What?: Wired
Here's A Clever Way To Make The iPad Keyboard Better: Insider
BMW shows, prices four-door version of 6 Series coupe: USA Today


Batman Takes on Occucommies: MB
Barack Obama participates in Horse Race: Morlock

Image: Occupy Seattle Protest Photos by Foolish Reporter
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Thank You, Wisconsin!

QOTD: "Asked about the arrival of “The Dictator” on the heels of a bad year for tyrants, with the Arab Spring and the death of Kim Jong-il, Mr. Baron Cohen, as Aladeen, responded forcefully by e-mail: “Some would say that an age of print media is passing, but you don’t see me throwing that in your face do you, New York Times? And what’s up with this pay wall of yours? Only 10 free articles a month? And you call me the tyrant!? But to answer your question, no, I do not think that an age of tyranny is passing. We are merely in the eye of the storm. The Arab Spring is just a silly fad, like ‘mood rings’ or ‘human rights.’ And I don’t worry about it happening in Wadiya, because my people love me so greatly. However, just to be safe, I have removed all the spring months from the calendar and made February 128 days long.”

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