Friday, May 01, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Clinton Foundation stench driving away donors: Politico

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Clinton Foundation stench driving away donors: Politico: Ed Morrissey
Levin Destroys GOP Opposing Iran Amendments: Michael van der Galien
Cotton and Rubio on verge of scuttling Corker’s Iran surrender bill: RS

Could Loretta Lynch Be a Worse Attorney General than Eric Holder?: Jack Dunphy
Liberals do themselves no favor by denying their ideology: Jonah Goldberg
Boehner afraid House search for Hillary’s emails would appear ‘highly partisan’: Twitchy

Democrat-Run Baltimore is a Gangsters' Paradise: Matthew Vadum
Brace Yourself for More Baltimores: Scott Rasmussen
Yet Again, Government Screws Up – And Tries to Blame the Private Sector: Seton Motley

Bernie Sanders brings wealth of 19th century ideas to Democratic '16 race: Don Surber
Ted Cruz Says 'Honest' Socialist Sanders Is 'Healthy' for Democrats: Heidi Przybyla
Hillary Equates Gun Owners With Terrorists, Says They're “Prone to Violence.”: Bob Owens


Hundreds of IT workers at Disney replaced by H-1B workers from India: Raif Karerat
Obama rejects request to investigate guest-worker program abuse: Times
The Problem with the Minimum Wage: Scoop

Scandal Central

Hillary Opposed Sending Nuke Tech to India... Until Huge Donations Flowed In: Steven Ahle
Benghazi Committee Gets Some Subpoeaned Docs from State Dept.–Two Years Later: Sharyl Attkisson
Law enforcement sources say Freddie Gray suffered head injury in police transport van: WJLA

Freddie Gray: Do two WaPo reports connect the dots about what really happened?: Bookworm
California Rings The Mission Bell For Voter Fraud: IBD
This Is How Las Vegas Protects Floyd Mayweather : Diana Moskovitz

Climate & Energy

Why Do I Hate The Left? Let Me Count One Way…: iOTWreport
EPA Administrator Tells Rappers: ‘We Need You’: Elizabeth Harrington
Bummer: Homeowners Find That “Green” Heating Units Fail In The Cold: Cove


Al Sharpton Gets In Confrontation With Fox News Reporter: DC
Kid Cuts Off Obama Filibuster: Breitbart
Michael Moore on Freddie Gray: ‘Disarm the police,’ prisons a ‘modern day slave system’: RedAlert

Al Sharpton Blocks Fox News Reporter From Asking Baltimore Mayor A Question: Caleb Howe
Wisconsin Police Lieutenant’s Powerful Lament: Today I Stopped Caring: Steve Straub
Knockout Game in Dallas: FAM


Iranian FM Mocks Obama, Admits Holding Ship for Ransom, Calls WaPo Reporter a Spy: Tower
Combat vet Tom Cotton challenges Iranian over Obama nuclear deal: Bring it on, coward!: BPR
Blowhard Pro-Tex Democrat George Soros May Owe $6.7 BILLION In Taxes: WZ

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists Discover the Secret to Keeping Cells Young: Time
The Trillion Frame-Per-Second Camera That Will Visualize Atoms: Maddie Stone
Tesla Powerwall Home Battery: Uncrate


Top Ten Reasons Hillary Knows She Still Will Be President: Dossier
Newspeak Guidelines: How to Cover Everything From Baseball to Protests: MOTUS
What ‘Never Quitting’ Looks Like: This Woman About Sums It Up: IJR

Image: The National Guard In Baltimore
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QOTD: "In a wide-ranging, 45-minute interview..., [Jeb] Bush refused to say whether he'd back an amendment ... that would require Iran to recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state as part of the nuclear deal being finalized.

...Bush, 62, showed some fight on several issues giving him trouble with his party's primary voters. He stood by his support for Common Core academic standards, and said there was no scenario in which he'd sign a pledge from Americans for Tax Reform promising to not raise taxes." --Heidi Przybyla

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