Thursday, May 07, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: ISIS: We will attack Texas again and it will be far worse for Christian infidels

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ISIS: We will attack Texas again and it will be far worse for Christian infidels: Shoebat
Authorities Missed Shooter’s Violent Tweets: Too Many Like Him: Keith Farrell
Now We Pay for Our Refusal: Karl Denninger

The Democrat Party's Growing Embrace of Anti-Semitism: Power Line
The Democrats In Maryland Are a Pitcher Short Of A Beer Hall Putsch: RS
Under Obama, Race Relations Worst in Decades: MB

No law, no civilization: Victor Davis Hanson
Hillary In 2003: 'I Am, You Know, Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants': Lid
Hillary Clinton goes all in on immigration; pledges to outdo Obama: Byron York

Obama: Say, maybe we need a missile shield, in case Iran gets nukes: Noah Rothman
Mitch McConnell Giddy Like a Schoolgirl at Submitting to Obama’s Rule: RS
McConnell moves to cut off Iran debate, snubbing Cotton and Rubio: Mike DeBonis


Grifter Granny Clinton Favorite in Poll of Millionaires: JWF
History, Public Education, Gender, and The Left: Wolf Howling
Shutdown to be revisited in fall of 2015?: Moe Lane

Scandal Central

Watchdog blows ethics whistle on Clinton, Reid, Senate Democrat meetings: Paul Bedard
Hillary’s Next Scandal: Passenger Lists of Her Flights Ordered Released by Judge: Steven Ahle
The Hill-Billy Cash Pump: Janet Tassel

Kamala Harris aide arrested for allegedly running rogue police force: Adam B. Lerner
State official, 2 others charged in case of fake police force: Evan Sernoffsky
Bill Clinton Puts Blame for Family’s Scandals on Accountant: WFB

Climate & Energy

Y2Kyoto: Goodbye, Cool World: SDA
25 Years Of Predicting The Global Warming ‘Tipping Point’: Michael Bastasch
UK Guardian Explodes Hotcoldwetdry Myths: Cove


Screw Cinco De Mayo, You Whiny Liberal Idiots: Christopher Bedford
What We're Up Against: Instapundit
Shocking Photos: PETA's Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies: Nathan J. Winograd

Levin Destroys Obama's Insipid Letterman Comments: Scoop
Ex-Muslim Who Won Draw Muhammad Contest Has A Message For The Critics: MadWorld
‘You Want Her to Die!’ Hannity, Pam Geller Come to Blows with Anjem Choudary: Mediate

Here Are 19 Times People Called Putin a ‘Thug’ Because He’s Black: Sooper
Chris Cuomo Is Not That Bright. Good Thing He Can Hide Behind His Last Name.: Erick Erickson
Media Continues Attacks on Pamela Geller as ISIS Calls for Her Slaughter: JWF


Report: Iranian Navy Chases After U.S. Warships: WFB
Iran Arrests Leading Female Dissident: Clarion
Canada poised to pass anti-terror legislation despite widespread "outrage": Guardian

Texas Attack: It's Not (Just) About the Cartoons: Ryan Mauro
Business will not bring democracy to Cuba: Babalu
France Considers Wider Snooper State Powers to Watch Hostile Muslims: Brenda Walker

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

DEF CON's "Spot the Fed" contest a sore spot for Feds: MuckRock
Ptolemaic coins recorded from Britain by the Portable Antiquities Scheme: Dr. Caitlin R. Green
The Underwriting: A VC-Backed Novel Shows an Alternative Way to Launch a Product: David Meerman Scott


The 100 Most Popular Conservative Websites Of 2015: RWN
Who Pooped in America’s Kitchen: Snitch: MOTUS
Mayweather/Pacquiao fight: Over 600 Cook County Jail guards called in sick: Marathon

Image: The Democrats In Maryland Are a Pitchers Short Of A Beer Hall Putsch
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QOTD: "Who circulated the [virulently antisemitc] flyer [attack Democrat Senator Chris Van Hollen]? Surely, it was supporters of Donna Edwards, the African-American congresswoman who is running against Van Hollen for the Senate. It would be interesting to hear what Edwards has to say about this attack on her rival and a sitting Democratic (Jewish) Senator.

Anti-Israel rants by Black radicals are nothing new; nor is Black anti-Semitism. But injecting them into a Democratic primary campaign via a publicly circulated flyer suggests that the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Black left has become emboldened." --Paul Mirengoff

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